3:68 Fighting Gravity


Going back to work wasn’t as bad as Andy thought it would be. It was worse. It was all the fault of a girl named Piper.

Piper Morton was a regular at the coffee shop. She often sat at one of the tables working on her blog. She just happened to be there the day Andy made a fool of himself. What resulted was a blog post about men not respecting women and workplace relationships. Andy somehow was used as an example in both even though was not sure how he had disrespected Keioki just by simply asking her to a movie.


You would think being embarrassed by Piper’s blog would be bad enough, but things were worse.

The owner of the coffee shop fired Andy. She said that him staring at Keioki and making unwanted advances toward her was sexual harassment.


Now Andy was sitting at his mother’s house talking to Derick. His mom had taken his little sister, Rylie, to the park for a play date.

“Dad is going to be mad. He didn’t want me to get a job to begin with.”

“If all you did was ask the girl to a movie, you didn’t do anything wrong.’

“Then why did she threaten to call the police?”


Derick shook his head. “It would have just been wasting the cop’s time.”

Derick hated that the women at the coffee shop had done this to Andy. Not only was the boy upset about being fired, and confused about what had actually happened, he was scared. He was scared the cops were going to come after him. He was scared to go home and tell his dad what was going on. As soon as Andy felt ready to go home, Derick was going to go to that coffee shop and have a chat with the owner.

Even though Andy was not his son, she still loved him as if she was. He was his best friend’s son. His wife was the boy’s biological mother. Derick had been a part of Andy’s life since before they boy had been born.

He was worried about Andy retreating back into the house. This has been his first time stepping out into the world and doing things for himself. He didn’t want this one bad experience to send things back how they used to be.

He was going to go to that coffee shop owner and make sure she didn’t scare any other young boys like this.


I want to thank you all for hanging in there with me lately. Things have been rough recently.  Not only was my game fighting against me because of the shit ton of CC I had in the game, things in my family were going on also. 

Two weeks ago, my mother’s half sister, Connie, removed herself from dialysis and entered into hospice. She passed away Tuesday night. We say our final goodbyes to her tomorrow afternoon. 

I had pushed this story to the side to spend time with Aunt Connie. I am sorry that I did not give you all a heads up on what was going on. I will try not to let that slide again. If one of you decides that I should be punished, I will allow a spanking. 🙂

3:67 I Hope You Dance

01-17-19_3-42-12 pm

Dakota had talked to Owen about Andy needing to be around people who were not family. The talk had gone better than she had anticipated. Now their son was working at the local coffee shop.

Andy liked his job. His co-workers were really nice and helpful. He really liked Keioki Kwan. He thought she was sweet and cute. He liked going to work normally, but he liked it even more when he knew she was going to also be working.

He had told his father’s about Keioki. His papa and Kyle both told him to ask her out. His dad told him to find out more about her first. He knew his dad still wanted to protect him. He also knew his dad was right. He didn’t know much about her.

He watched her waiting on a few customers.

“You’re staring again.”

Andy knew his face was probably bright red. “I’m sorry. I just wanted to ask you something.”

He almost chickened out.

“Would yo like to go to a movie with me?”

“I can’t. I don’t think my boyfriend would approve.”

He was glad it was the end of his shift. He was able to get out of there and go home. Staying at work would be too awkward.

01-17-19_4-06-19 pm

His grandmother was sitting in the living room when he got home. She looked up at him when he walked in.

“Hi, Darling. How was work?”

He sat down beside her. “I asked Keioki out.”

“How did that go?”

“She has a boyfriend.”

Raelyn could see how sad her grandson looked. “I’m sorry, darling. If she is the girl you are destined to be with, it will happen.”

01-17-19_4-08-48 pm

She thought about the days growing up when she was waiting for Zaiden. Some days she didn’t think it would ever happen. After it did, she was happier than she had ever imagined being.

“You will find the girl for you. You are still young. There is still plenty of time.”

Andy hugged his grandmother. “Thank you, Grandma.”


3:66 Gonna Have A Good Time

01-12-19_5-17-08 pm

Andy looked at the cake after blowing out the candles. He remembered that birthday many years ago when they had saved a piece of cake for his papa but he never showed up.

He looked at his papa and smiled. He was there and so was his brothers and sisters. This birthday was already better than that one had been.

“What did you wish for, Andy?”

Andy looked at Cameron and shook his head. “I can’t tell you because then it won’t come true.”

He actually hadn’t wished for anything. His parents made sure he had everything he needed and most of what he wanted. Everybody was there and that made him happy. He couldn’t think of anything to wish for.

“Please tell me you didn’t wish for another brother or sister. I am done having kids.”

He looked at his mother and smiled. “Well…”

He laughed when she groaned. “Don’t worry, Mama. I didn’t. I think you can use the break.”

“He gave her a hug and whispered in her ear. “I think it’s time for Aunt Grace to take over the job of adding to the family.”

01-12-19_5-47-56 pm

Dakota looked over at her very pregnant sister-in-law and smiled. She saw the way her brother looked at his young wife. She was glad he finally found someone who makes him happy.

“I think we’ll see at least one more from those two.”

She looked at her oldest child. “You better wait awhile before you start adding to the family.”

He nodded. “No chance of that happening. That would require meeting a girl that I am not related to.”

Dakota laughed and nodded. “I will talk to your father. You need to start meeting new people.”

She looked at her son and smiled. “You have grown into a very handsome young man. The girls should be beating your door down.”


3:65 Oklahoma

01-09-19_4-53-40 pm

Owen and Kyle tried to adopt Aiden but was once again told they weren’t acceptable parents. Seeing how upset her brother was, Grace decided to do something about it.

“Can we talk, Owen? There’s something important I need to tell you.”

Owen turned off the computer and nodded.

“Come over here and sit down.”

“This must be something big. Are you finally giving Rosie a brother or sister?”

01-09-19_4-58-34 pm

“Yeah, but not like you think. Jonas and I have adopted a child.”

Owen thought about how easy it was for his sister to adopt and impossible for him. The difference was who they had fallen in love with.”

“Congratulations. I’m happy for all of you.”

Grace could see that he actually wasn’t happy.

“We adopted Aiden.”

01-09-19_4-59-33 pm

“You did what?” Owen looked at her angry. “You know Kyle and I haven’t given up trying. How could you do that to us?”

“Owen, you know that no judge is going to approve you and your husband adopting any child. You need to accept that and stop putting yourself through this. This is going to tear you and Kyle apart.”

He knew she was right, but that didn’t make him feel any better about it. There had been arguments between him and Kyle. They were always about stupid things.

“Owen, we gave Aiden a home. He now has two parents and a sister. Is it really more important that he be your son instead of your nephew?”

He thought about it then nodded. “Him being loved and cared for is what is important. Did they tell you about his life before?”

Grace shook her head. “We never asked. We knew the boy was important to you and wanted to make sure he was in the family.”

01-09-19_4-59-50 pm

“Thank you.” He sighed and thought about the day they found him. “Even with everything we had to go through growing up, our lives were easy compared to his. When we first saw him, he was outside an outdoor cafe stealing the food left on plates when people left. We bought him something to eat and took him home. He lived in a tent with his grandma in a homeless camp. He tried to wake her up to meet us. According to the police, she had been dead a few days.”

Grace put her hand over her mouth trying to hide her shock. “He was living with a dead body?”

Owen nodded his head. “His mother died when he was young of a drug overdose. She was a street worker. Nobody knows who his father is.”

“Wow. Our life was perfect compared to his. His life will be great now. Jonas and I will make sure of it.”

He knew they would take very good care of the boy.

“How is married life treating you?”

Grace had married Dakota’s older brother, Jonas. After he found out about Rosie, he stepped in to help take care of her. Grace and Jonas spent a lot of time together and fell in love. They had only been married about a month now.

“It has been great. It is nice being in the same house finally.”

“I can’t believe you two actually waited until you were married. Nobody does that anymore.”

“We wanted our wedding night to be special. It was more than I ever dreamed it would be.”

“I thought girls dream of their wedding day, not their wedding night.”

“I dreamed of both.”

3:64 Home

01-07-19_6-28-23 pm

Andy was walking on the beach collecting shells for his art project. He kept seeing something move but wasn’t sure what it was. He figured it was one of the dogs that was always hanging around the docks.

01-07-19_6-32-06 pm

“Hi, Andy!”

Andy heard his name and looked up.

“Aiden! Everybody is looking for you. The police came to our house last night to see if you were there.”

“I know. I saw them.”

“You did? How?”

“I was hiding inside that big tunnel thing. I’m glad they didn’t have a dog with them. They would have found me for sure.”

01-07-19_6-32-39 pm

“You have to go back, Aiden. They think Dad and Kyle are hiding you. If they find you here, Dad and Kyle will be in a lot of trouble. Those cops already don’t like them.”

Aiden frowned as he thought about that. “I don’t want them to get in trouble because of me. I don’t want to go back there either though. I want to stay with you guys.”

“We want you to stay too. Dad and Kyle are working on that. Well they were until you ran away. You have to go back so they can try to get you back here.”

Kyle looked at him a little surprised. “They are really trying to get me back? You aren’t just saying that?”

Andy nodded.

“I will go back. Don’t tell anybody I was here. I don’t want your dads to get in trouble.


3:63 Gold Can Turn To Sand

01-07-19_1-42-00 pm

Owen woke up to the banging on the door. He grumbled as he pulled on his shorts and went to answer the door. He saw his mother coming down the stairs.

“Go back to bed, Mom. I’ll take care of this.”

“I’m too awake now. Who would be at the door this time of night?”

Owen looked through the window and saw the two police officers. He remembered the last time police had knocked on the door. They had arrested his father for murder.

He opened the door.

“We are looking for the boy, Aiden Mell. He ran away from the youth center.”

“And why do you think he is here?”

“This is the last home he was in. Do you mind if we check the house and property?”

01-07-19_1-47-11 pm

“He’s not here, but go ahead. Just don’t wake my kids.”

Kenya came out of her room rubbing her eyes. “Too late, Daddy.”

Owen sighed when he saw the others coming from their rooms.

“Do what you need to do so I can get my kids back to bed.”

“Is there anybody else in the house?”

“My husband is downstairs in our bedroom.” He saw the look the two officers gave each other and felt himself getting angry. That attitude was the reason Aiden was out there instead of tucked into bed here.

01-07-19_1-48-47 pm

Raelyn put her hand on her son’s arm. This was the first time she has witnessed this treatment toward her son. “Calm down, dear. Let them search the house.”

Owen sat with his mother and the kids. Kyle came up the stairs confused. “What is going on?”

“The cops are looking for Aiden.”

When the cops were finished they stopped and looked at the kids. “Whose kids are these?”


The cops looked at Owen then at the kids again. “None of them look like you.”

“They look like their mother.”

“Their mother? And where is she?”

“Most likely at her own home with her husband.”

“I’ll never understand this crap. These people are so strange.”

“These people are my son and his family. You came here to search for the boy. You searched and can see that he is not here. Now you can leave.” Raelyn was not going to allow her son to be judged and harassed in his own home by anybody.

“If the boys shows up here, call us.”

Raelyn watched them leave. “If he shows up here, there is no way in hell I will call them. The way they treated you.”

01-07-19_1-50-38 pm

“Just let it go, Mom. They are not the first to act like that. They won’t be the last.”

Raelyn frowned hearing that. “Why didn’t you ever say anything?”

Kyle took the kids back to their rooms so Owen and Raelyn could talk in private.

“There was nothing you could do, Mom, so I saw no point in telling you.”

01-07-19_1-52-20 pm

“The point is that I am your mother and can support you through this shit.”

Owen shook his head. “I appreciate the support, but just seeing it is not the same as living it from my shoes. You only experience a small part of it.”

“Help me understand it them. Talk to me, honey.

He sighed and opened a web page on his phone. He handed it to her. “That is the website for “Meow the Mouse.” Look at the comments.”

01-07-19_1-54-21 pm

She read through them and felt the tears in her eyes. She couldn’t believe that people could be so cruel to someone just because of who they loved.

She handed his phone back to him. “I’m sorry you have to deal with that.”

“I refuse to change who I am to make other people happy.”

“You shouldn’t have to.” She hugged her son. “I am so proud of you.”

“You should try to go back to bed, Mom. They shouldn’t be back.”

“If they do come back, they will get an ear full from me.” She kissed Owen’s cheek. “You get some sleep too.”

01-07-19_2-00-28 pm

He watched his mother go upstairs, then he went down to his room. Kyle was sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Thanks for getting the kids out of there. We will have to talk to them about this at some time, but not tonight.”

Kyle looked at him. “I have never wanted to hit anybody as much as I did tonight. To say things like that in front of the kids…”

“I know. That made me angry.” He pulled his shorts off then climbed into bed. “Come to bed.”


3:62 Fight Song

01-05-19_5-11-17 pm

Owen and Kyle kept Aiden with them on the tour. It gave the boy time to get to know them.

Once the tour was over and they were back home, Andy and Aiden became friends immediately. Andy loved all of his little brothers and sisters, but liked having someone his age to play with.

Owen watched Andy help Aiden with his Math and smiled.

01-05-19_6-50-37 pm

Owen and Kyle left the court room angry. The judge denied their request for custody of Aiden. He said that their lifestyle was “not beneficial to the boy’s physical and mental well being.”

“This isn’t right. We both know exactly why he denied us.”

“We will try again. We will find another judge and get him back.”

“Let’s go home and talk to the kids.”

They had Aiden’s things setting by the door when the woman from Social Services arrived to pick him up. “Thank you for letting me stay with you.”

Owen gave him a hug. “We are going to keep trying to get you to live here permanently. We aren’t giving up.”

01-06-19_7-22-22 pm

Kyle helped load Aiden’s things into the car. “Can you tell us where he is going?”

He wasn’t really surprised when the woman shook her head.

“Please make sure he goes with people will be patient with him. He loves to read but has trouble with Math. He has a very active imagination and loves to tell stories.”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Maynard. We will make sure he is put in the best home for him.

01-06-19_7-27-44 pm

Kyle wanted to tell her that she was taking him from the best home for him, but he knew that wouldn’t help.

He saw Owen, Andy, and Aiden come outside. He leaned down and hugged the boy. “You be a good boy, okay?”

The three of them stood together watching the car drive away.