3:60 Gira Con Me Questa Notte

12-21-18_11-11-07 PM

Kyle looked around the room and smiled. “The honeymoon suite?”

“Well, we are on our honeymoon. We can afford the room.”

Kyle wrapped his arms around Owen. “Andy asked me if we are going to bring home any brothers or sisters for him.”

Owen hadn’t thought about Kyle possibly wanting children. “What did you tell him?”

“I told him that I am happy with our family the way it is right now, but could consider adopting later.”

“You don’t want a child that is biologically yours?”

12-21-18_11-11-42 PM

Kyle shook his head. “There’s only two ways for that to happen and neither appeal to me. I would give a home to a child already in the world and needing a home.”

Owen kissed his husband softly. “You truly are amazing.”

“You told me that last night and again this morning.”

Owen kissed him softly and he slid his hands under Kyle’s shirt. He tugged the shirt pulling it over his head. “I think you could use some time in the Jacuzzi.”

12-28-18_7-54-58 PM

They had decided to leave the room for dinner. They walked to a restaurant down the street. 

They were setting at one of the outside tables enjoying the weather.

“Watch that kid there. As soon as someone leaves the table, he swoops in for whatever they left.”

After watching him for awhile, they ordered a plate of spaghetti for the kid. They invited him to join them.

“What’s your name?”



6 thoughts on “3:60 Gira Con Me Questa Notte

      1. I know what super busy is like. Been crazy here. New kitten keeping me awake all night. Decided to make blankets for the family for next Christmas so started that already. I am actually looking forward to work starting again Thursday just for a break from the busy home life.


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