3:59 Dance With My Father


Owen sat the last box down then sat down with his mother and Andy. His mother was moving back into the house. She was going to help with the kids while Owen and Kyle were working.

12-21-18_6-36-00 PM

“Honey, this could have waited until you and Kyle got back.”

“I needed to know that you were here and settled, Mom.”

“You shouldn’t be here fussing over me right now. You should be with Kyle. It is your wedding day.”

Owen shook his head. “A few canned words at the courthouse isn’t a wedding.”

“Owen Antonio Maynard, knock it off. It may not have been the big wedding you had planned, but you are married. You are acting like a little brat right now.”

12-21-18_6-39-33 PM

“Thanks, Mom. Always so supportive.” He sighed and hugged his mother. “I’m sorry, Mom. Things just aren’t going the way I had planned.”

“None of us planned for this to happen, honey.” She sat down and sighed.

“I think Dad knew.” He explained to her the way he had been acting while helping him get ready for the wedding.

“He did know. We both did. We just didn’t know when.”

“Why didn’t you tell any of us?”

“He made me promise not to. He wanted to be able to enjoy the time he had without everybody worrying. He was really happy to see you with Kyle. He really liked him.”

“Are you okay, Mom?”

She nodded. “I miss your father, but I am fine. I have you, your sister, and five wonderful grandkids to keep me going.”


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