3:57 All The Man That I Need

12-16-18_5-58-57 PM

Kyle and Owen had decided they didn’t want a long engagement. They had already been together for three years and were ready to make it legal.

The problem they were having was a location.

12-16-18_5-59-43 PM

“How about the church your parents were married in? Their wedding pictures are beautiful.”

“I would have loved that, but it was blown up. How about one of the parks?”

“Too public. I want something small and intimate.”

12-16-18_6-04-23 PM

Owen moved closer to Kyle. “If you want intimate, I can give you intimate.”

As tempting as that was, Kyle knew they needed to get this decided on. “How about a destination wedding? Maybe South America? Your family seems drawn to that place.”

Owen shook his head. “I want my parents to be there. The trip Mom and Dad took really took a toll on Dad.”

“I noticed he didn’t look very well at the party.”

“How about having the wedding here? We have plenty of room. It would be private. Dad did an amazing job on the garden when he bought the house.”

Kyle nodded and smiled. “Now that we know where, we need to decide when.”

“The book tour is in two weeks. So how about this weekend? We can use the tour as our honeymoon.”

“As part of it. I would like part of our honeymoon to not be spent working.”

“Okay. We can leave after the wedding and spend that week together. I know Patrick would love to keep Any the extra week.”

“I think we have it all figured out now.”

12-16-18_6-06-05 PM

Owen started to unbutton Kyle’s shirt.

Kyle put his hands over Owen’s. “I don’t know what kind of man you think I am but I’m going to need a ring on my finger first. I have my reputation to think of.”

Owen pulled back and looked at him. “You are joking, right?”

Kyle grinned and pulled him back for a kiss. “Race you to the play room.”


4 thoughts on “3:57 All The Man That I Need

  1. What’s wrong with Owen’s dad? Rowana visiting from the grave and causing trouble. You did say even tho she is dead she is not finished with the family. What surprises did she leave behind? I can’t wait to find out.

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