I know my posts have been erratic lately. I do have several chapters written but have not had the time to get the screen shots. Work has been keeping me pretty busy. Winter break is coming up in a couple weeks and will free up some time.

There are a couple other things that have been pulling me away from the story lately too. I have been making blankets. Baby blankets, blankets for Christmas gifts, and next up is a blanket that is going in a raffle basket for tornado relief for the town of Taylorville, Illinois. A great friend of mine lives there and her town was hit by a devastating EF3 a week ago.

One of the baby blankets is for my oldest nephew’s first baby…a girl!

But what is taking up most of my time is my cat, Pepper Oni. I will copy the post I put on facebook today instead of typing it all out again. Hard enough the first time.

I have known for awhile now and the vet confirmed it Friday. Pepper Oni will very likely be making her trip across the Rainbow Bridge soon. She had originally been given around 5 years to live due to the health issues she has had her entire life. She turns 13 this Christmas. She has even surprised her vet with that one.

This past year I have noticed the changes in her signaling that her time was coming. She has lost weight. She never weighed more than 10 pounds. She is barely 8 pounds at the moment. She has a harder time getting into the bed. I either lift her or she climbs onto a small chair I keep by the bed for her. She is not playing as much as prefers sleeping. While she has always been a cuddle bug, lately is is almost constant. She has to be touching me. If she is not in her window bed watching a squirrel. She is in my lap.

She is not eating. She stopped eating her dry food about a week ago. In the past few days she has stopped eating her chicken. I tried cooking it in a different way and I can get her to take a few bites before she loses interest but it is not much. I have baby food for her that was was eating fine until yesterday. She walks away from that now too. Her favorite treat, a small pinch of shredded cheese, given to her last night remains untouched.

Talking to the vet Friday, I was told to give her Nutri-Cal as a supplement. She hates it and bit me twice yesterday when I tried giving it to her, but I manage to get it in her.

The vet and I talked about a dental for her in case that is the problem. While that could very likely be the problem at the moment and MAY help her, the risks to her far outweigh the benefits. She would have to put under anesthesia. Because of her age and health problems, the chances of her waking up from the anesthesia are very small. We have made the decision to keep her comfortable, supplement with the Nutri-Cal, and wait for her to take her final walk across the Rainbow Bridge.


I am trying to get chapters posted when I am able. Please bear with me for the time being. Hopefully the new year will bring calmer times.

3 thoughts on “Sorry

    1. It is. She has been a huge part of my life. She came into it right after I lost my father and split from my husband. She was there to help through all of that. When people ask me if I have any children, I said, only with fur and four legs.

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  1. So sorry about your pet. I have never had a pet. My parents have foster children come in and out our home. I get attached to some of them only for them to go back home or be adopted by others. I try not to get close to them, however when they need so much and have been hurt so bad, how can you not give them all the love in your heart knowing someday it will get broken when they have to leave.


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