3:56 Will You Marry Me?

12-08-18_9-21-29 AM

Owen was nervous. Him and Kyle had been together for three years now. He was certain that this was who he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

He had planned a smile birthday party for Kyle. It was just family and a few close friends.

He had already talked to Patrick and the kids about what he planned. He didn’t want them to be upset with the surprise. They were all happy and excited.

He watched Kyle talk to Patrick and could feel the butterflies in his stomach.

“Daddy, is it present time yet?”

Owen looked at Teresa. “I think now is the perfect time for presents.”

Owen walked over to Kyle and whispered in his ear. He then looked at the guests. “It is time for our birthday boy to open his gifts.”

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Everybody moved tot he table where the gifts had been placed. Kyle thanked everybody as he opened them. He was a bit sad when the table was empty and there had been no gift from Owen.

“You have one more gift.”

Kyle looked at the box that Owen was holding. He opened the box and found a book.

“You have to read it to everybody.”

Kyle nodded and opened the book.


Once upon a time there was a single father who had already had his heart broken. He had given up on love and planned to raise his kids alone.

One day while he was working, a man knocked on his door. Because the father was expecting someone who was going to help him with his work, the father was not surprised by the knock.


The two men worked well together. They became friends and soon fell in love.


The father realized that his new friend had fixed his broken heart.

After three years, the father decided that he didn’t want to be a single father any longer. He bought a special present for his friend’s birthday and planned a party with all their friends and family.


After all the gifts on the table were opened, there was one gift left, a book. While the book was being read, the father was on his knees with the true gift. All the friend had to do was put the book down and turn around.

12-08-18_9-42-06 AM

Kyle closed the book and turned to look at Owen.

“Kyle, will you give this single father and his four children their happen ending and marry me?”

Kyle could barely get the word out so he nodded. He kissed Owen then looked at him. “Who drew those pictures? They are terrible!”

10 thoughts on “3:56 Will You Marry Me?

  1. The best part of the story was Kyle’s line, “Who drew this picture they are terrible.” Kyle better be glad Owen can’t draw, if he could they may have never met. Seriously, I like the proposal. It was sweet and the fact that they were all in on the secret made it even better.

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    1. I wanted to the proposal different from what I usually do. Since Owen is a writer, I thought this was a great way to do it. The book will be a nice reminder of it through the years also. 🙂


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