3:55 Feel This Moment

12-02-18_2-30-13 PM

Zaiden had read the books that Owen had given him. It had helped him understand himself and his family more.


She looked up from the book she was reading. “Yes, love? Do you need something?”

He shook his head and smiled. “I’m fine. I was thinking though. Let’s take a trip. Just me and you.”

She sat the book down and looked at him. “Where would you like to go?”

“Back to South America. It seems to have played an important pat in our lives and in the lives of my parents. I would like to go and see it.”

Raelyn was a bit worried about him walking the rough trails, but she could see that this was something he wanted to do. “When would you like to go?”

“As soon as we can.” He knew that if they waited, they would never go.

“I will call the travel agent.”

12-02-18_3-39-53 PM

Zaiden looked around and grinned. This was the place. It was perfect. “Can we stop here and rest?”

“Of course.” She handed him the bottle of water. “Are you ready to go back to the lodge?”

“After we have taken a break.” He reached for her hand. “There’s something else that I want while we are here. I want you to marry me again. Right now. Right here.”

“Honey, there’s nobody here to witness it for us.”

“That don’t matter. We are already married, so it would only be a renewal ceremony anyway. We don’t need anybody to witness that. We only need each other.” He looked at her afraid she wouldn’t want to do this. “I want to have some memory of you becoming my wife, even if it is just a renewal ceremony.”

Raelyn cupped his cheek in her hand. “This is important to you, isn’t it?”

Zaiden nodded his head. “It is.”

She nodded her head and smiled. “Let’s do it.”



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