3:44 Big Time

11-10-18_11-07-00 PM

It had been almost two years since that camping trip when Owen and Kyle started dating.

Owen sat on the bed watching Kyle walk around their hotel room. “Too bad we can’t skip these interviews. I would much rather stay here and watch you walk around the room naked.”

Kyle leaned down and kissed Owen. “I know you don’t like these tours. I understand. This time is different than it was before.” He softly kissed him again. “This time we are here together.”

That was the only reason he had agreed to do this tour. After finding out that Teague was also going to be there, he had almost backed out. Kyle’s promise not to leave him alone was the only reason he hadn’t backed out. Thankfully they hadn’t seen him yet.

“We have a few hours before our first interview.” He slid under the covers and pulled Owen close. “I think we should make the most of our time and this room.”

11-10-18_11-16-09 PM

They decided to join the others in the bar for one drink before going to their room for the night. It had been a long day of interviews.

“It looks like Teague didn’t come alone.”

Owen turned and looked at the bar. The sight of Patrick sitting there was a surprise that sent an arrow of pain through his heart.

“Let’s skip the drinks and go back to our room.” He hadn’t realized who the guy was when he mentioned him. It wasn’t until he saw Owen’s reaction that he realized it.

Owen shook his head. “If he’s here with Teague, we are going to keep running into him. I can handle it.” He took Kyle’s hand in his and smiled. “I have the better man here with me anyway.” He leaned toward Kyle and kissed him.”

11-10-18_11-21-41 PM

Patrick watched the two men at the table and finally understood why Teague forced him to come on this tour. It was just another way torture him.

Watching Owen with another man was hard. Seeing how happy they looked together was worse.

He knew he needed to talk to him. He had to explain that text and tell him that the kids were all fine. Well as fine as they could be considering who they were with at the moment.

“It looks like he has moved on.”

“Leave him alone.”

“I have no intention of bothering him. I have my dear loving husband here to fulfill my every wish and desire.”

“I hate you.”

“So you keep telling me.” He reached between Patrick’s legs and grabbed his dick. “As long as I still control this, I don’t need your love.”

Patrick tried to move away which only made Teague squeeze him tighter.

“Don’t even think about trying to talk to him without me there. You know what will happen if you do.”


3:43 All I Wanna Do

11-10-18_7-54-31 PM

“Daddy, can I go see if there are any other kids here?”

“Stay in sight of the cabin. I want to be able to see you.” He watched Andy run out the door.

“Do you want me to go keep an eye on him?”

11-10-18_7-55-50 PM

Owen started to reply when Andy came back in.

“Daddy, there is a bear out there.”

Kyle looked out the window. “He’s right. There is a bear.”

“I’m not bear food. I’m going to stay inside.”

“Good idea.”

11-10-18_7-57-58 PM

Andy played on his tablet while Owen and Kyle worked on the book. They had come to the campground to get inspiration.

“Daddy, what is for dinner tonight?”

Owen looked at his watch. They had lost track of time while they were working. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know it was this late. I will see what I can find that is fast to fix.”

11-10-18_8-06-16 PM

He looked through the things they brought with them. He made them a quick dinner. He smiled watching Andy start to fall asleep at the table.

Kyle started to clear the table.

“I’ll get those.”

“You put him to bed. I’ll take care of these.”

Owen carefully picked his son up and carried him to bed. He tucked him in and kissed his forehead. “Sweet dreams, little buddy.”

11-10-18_8-12-22 PM

He walked back to the main room. He sat down beside Kyle. “Thank you for washing the dishes.”

“It wasn’t a problem.”

“Thank you for everything you have done the last several months. I don’t know what Andy and I would have done without you.”

“You both were going through a hard time.” He turned his head to look at Owen and was surprised to see him so close. “I was happy to be there for both of you. I care a lot about you both.”

11-10-18_8-20-23 PM

Owen watched him lick his lips. He leaned toward Kyle and softly kissed him. He was surprised by pleased when his kiss was returned.

Kyle looked into Owen’s eyes. “I have fallen in love with you.”

Owen looked away and bit his lip. He cared a lot for Kyle but his heart was hesitant to love again.

“I understand if you don’t return my feelings. I am okay just spending my time working with you. I just wanted you to know how I feel.”

Owen put his hand lightly on Kyle’s cheek. “I am sorry that I can’t say I love you back. I do care a lot for you. I like being around you.”

He softly kissed him again. What started as a soft, gentle kiss quickly turned into a passionate kiss and clothes being removed on the way to the bedroom.

11-10-18_8-25-22 PM


The next chapter gives us a two year time jump.

3:42 Always

11-08-18_11-04-23 PM

Zaiden smiled as he watched his wife. It was their anniversary and he had surprised her with a second honeymoon to the same place as their first.

“I keep expecting your parents to come down the trail.”

“So do I.” He reached his hand out to help her over a rock in the trail. “We are on our own this time.”

She kissed his cheek and smiled. “A week alone with you? I can think of plenty of things to occupy our time while we are here.”

He slipped an arm around her and kissed her softly. “I am the luckiest man in the world.”

“What makes you say that?” 

“I have you.”

“When you put it that way, you are pretty lucky.”

He smiled and kissed her again. “You keep it up and I[‘m going to take you back to the lodge and show you how lucky I am.”

“Don’t make promises unless you plan to keep them.”

11-08-18_11-14-43 PM

He picked her up and put her over his shoulder and headed back down the trail to the lodge.

“Zaiden! Put me down! People are staring at us.”

“Let them.”

He carried her all the way back to the lodge and dropped her onto the bed.

“A week here with you acting like this, whatever will we do with our time?”

Zaiden reached for his belt as he kicked his shoes off.

“I have plenty of things we can do. Most of them can be done right here in this room.”


3:41 Because of Me

11-04-18_5-38-24 PM

Kyle was listening to Andy explain to Owen why he did not need to do his writing lesson. He was working on a sketch of the two of them to give to Andy for his room.

“I have done all my letters already. Why do I have to do them again?”

“Because the more you write them, the better they will look.”

“Papa wouldn’t make me do them again.”

“He’s not here.”

11-04-18_5-40-41 PM

Kyle sat the sketch pad aside. “Andy could you go downstairs and get my pencil sharpener off the desk for me?”

“Thank you.”

Kyle sat beside Owen. “Would you like me to work with him for awhile?”

Owen nodded. “You are good with him.”

“He’s a good kid.”

11-04-18_5-40-50 PM

“He’s been acting out a lot lately. He’s not usually like this.”

“He’s going through the same things you are. You are both grieving the loss of people you love.”

Owen hadn’t thought about that. “I guess I could in on not doing the writing today.”

11-04-18_5-43-42 PM

Andy came back with the pencil sharpener. “Daddy, I’m sorry. I know talking about Papa makes you sad.”

Owen hugged his son. “We can talk about your Papa any time you want. I know you miss him.”

Seeing the tears in his son’s eyes was almost too much. He pulled his son into a hug.

Kyle watched the two of them. That was what was missing in his life. That was what he wanted.

3:40 Does He Love You

11-04-18_2-50-54 PM

Raelyn was surprised when a man she didn’t know answered her son’s door. “Is Owen home? I am his mother.”

Kyle let her inside. “He is still asleep. He had a bad night.”

Raelyn looked toward the stairs that led to her son’s room. “Where is Andy?”

“Upstairs with Owen. I am Kyle, by the way. I work for your son.”

“You work for him?”

Kyle nodded. “I am his illustrator. We have been working together on his new book series.”

Raelyn remembered Owen talking about a new illustrator. “It is nice to meet you, Kyle.:

11-04-18_2-57-17 PM

Andy came downstairs. “Grandma, Daddy wants to talk to you.”

Raelyn saw the way her grandson kept looking up the stairs and that worried her. She went upstairs and found him still in his shorts setting on the side of the bed.

11-04-18_2-14-18 PM

“I met Kyle. He seems like a nice guy.”

“He is.”

“Did he stay here last night?”


“Are the two of you…?”


Raelyn sat down beside her son. She could see that he had been crying for awhile now. She hadn’t seen him like this since him and Patrick first split. This was different though. Then he had not only been sad, but also angry. This time she didn’t see any anger, just pain. “What’s wrong?”

He handed her his phone with the text. She read it then wrapped her arms around her son holding him tight. “Oh, baby. I’m so sorry.”

She felt the tears in her own eyes as she held tight to her son. She managed to send a text to Zaiden to have him come to the house. She could hear her grandson downstairs with Kyle. It sounded like they were working on Math. She would have to thank the young man for helping with her grandson.

11-04-18_2-35-46 PM

Owen had just fallen back to sleep when she heard Zaiden’s voice downstairs.

She grabbed Owen’s phone before going to talk to her husband. She pulled him onto the porch to talk to him.

11-04-18_3-32-22 PM

Andy watched his grandparents through the window. He watched his grandma show his grandpa something, then his grandpa hug her. They talked for a few minutes, then his grandpa left. He saw his grandma coming back inside.

“Andy can you go play in your room for a bit? I need to talk to Kyle.”

And put his pencil down and got up. “Grandma, is Daddy going to be okay?”

Raelyn nodded at her grandson and gave him a little smile. “Your daddy is very sad right now. He is going to need lots of hugs and cuddles from his favorite little boy to make him feel better.”

“I wish my brother and sisters were here to give Daddy hugs and cuddles too. We could all make him feel better.”

“I wish they were here too, Andy.” She watched her grandson go into his room then looked at Kyle. “Thank you for taking care of him this morning.”

11-04-18_3-35-48 PM

“It’s not a problem. He’s a great kid.” He glanced up the stairs worried. “Is Owen okay?”

Raelyn shook her head. “Has he told you anything about his ex-husband?”

“A little. He took off with three of their kids, right?”

Raelyn nodded. She had debated letting him know what was going on. If her son trusted him enough to let him in the house with her grandson, then she should be able to trust him also. She handed him Owen’s phone so he could see the text.

Kyle read the text then looked at her. “That’s why I heard him crying last night. I thought it was…”

“My parents? That could have been part of it also. Owen was close to his grandparents. Losing them was hard on him.”

“And now this… What can I do to help all of you?”

“Are you able to stay here for awhile? I am going to help my brother and husband find Patrick.”

“I need to go home and get some things, but I can stay.”

“You go get what you need. I will stay until you get back.”


3:39 Crazy

11-03-18_8-45-10 PM

Even thought it was late, Kyle was willing to drive to the house to work. He knew that Owen was going to need the distraction.

He pulled his car behind Owens and turned it off. He looked toward the small cemetery to see if Owen was there. All he saw were the two new graves among the older ones.

He walked to the house and knocked on the door.

11-03-18_8-58-38 PM

“Come on in. We need to work quietly. Andy is already asleep. Today was rough for him.”

Kyle could only imagine what it was like. “How are you holding up?”

Owen shrugged. “Better than my mother and uncles.”

When he had gotten the call from his dad, he thought it it was an update on the search for Patrick and the triplets. The last thing he expected was to hear that his grandparents had both died together in their sleep. It had been a huge shock.

“Is there anything I can do?”

Owen shook his head. “Right now we just need to focus on this deadline.”

Kyle nodded and pulled out his sketchbook.

11-03-18_9-10-51 PM

It was after midnight when they finished.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t realize it was so late.”

“It’s fine. We finished the book. That is what is important.”

“Stay in the guest room tonight. It is too late to be driving home tonight.”

Kyle started to say he was fine, but his yawn said otherwise.

“Come on. I’ll show you to the guest room.” He led Kyle downstairs to his old room. The room was going to be remodeled for Andy but for now it was the guestroom.

“Thank you, Owen. You are a lot nicer than the last author I worked with. She was a bitch. She made work hell after she found out I am gay.”

He frowned hearing that. “You don’t have to worry about that from me.”

Kyle could see the sadness and pain in Owen’s eyes. He wanted to hug him and comfort him, but knew that wouldn’t be appropriate.

“Are you okay? Is there anything I can do?”

“I’ll be fine. Just missing some people who should be here right now.” He gave Kyle a small smile. “Good night, Kyle.”

11-03-18_9-21-57 PM

Owen went upstairs to his bedroom. He got undressed and climbed into bed. He picked up his phone to send the usual text he would send every night to Patrick.

11-03-18_11-58-12 PM

Patrick heard the ding of his phone letting him know he had a text waiting for him. He looked at the man asleep beside him as he reached for the phone.

He read through Owen’s text and felt his heart break.

“Patrick, I realize now that the things you said were just another of your lies. You had no intention of us working things out and getting back together. Now that I realize that, I can let you go and start to heal. I do thank you for showing me who I am and what it means to love somebody. Please give the kids hugs and kisses from me and their brother. We miss them. I wish you would send me a message letting me know they are okay.”

He wanted to send a message back but knew that he couldn’t. They monitored his phone and would find out. They had already told him they would kill Owen if he tried to contact anybody from back home.

The text messages and the voice mails were the only thing that kept him going.

He touched the screen on his phone. “Don’t give up. I still love you.”

“Did you say something?”

“No. Go back to sleep.” He sat the phone back on the nightstand.

“Another text from loverboy?” He reached around Patrick and grabbed the phone. He read the text then laughed “It looks like he is finally giving up on you.” He typed something in the reply box then handed the phone to Patrick. “Send it.”

11-04-18_12-06-35 AM

Patrick read the reply then looked at Teague. “This is cruel.”

Teague reached over and hit the send button. “That should end things permanently between the two of you.” He took the phone from Patrick and tossed it to the floor. “He is never going to want you back now. He is going to hate you.”

He knew he was right. That text ended any chance he ever had of getting Owen back. “I hate you.”

“That’s fine. Yours isn’t the first ass of someone who hates me that I’ve had my dick in.” He pulled his husband down to show him just how little he cared.

11-03-18_9-21-57 PM

Owen was surprised by the alert on the phone telling him he had a text. He saw that it was from Patrick and quickly opened it. He read the text and dropped the phone onto the bed.

“Just pretend that I am dead, like our children truly are.”

He thought about his babies and cried. They should be learning to walk right now, not…

He knew he was going to have to tell Dakota and his parents. He would do that in the morning. For just the one night, he was going to be alone in his grief.


3:38 Bless The Broken Road

11-03-18_3-09-58 PM

Owen was giving Andy the instructions on his math work when Maeve called. 

“I looked at the…I wouldn’t call this crap illustrations. I agree that you need someone else.”

The illustrator that Owen had been working with was terrible He had been begging Maeve to find him someone new. She kept telling him to the give the guy a chance. She changed her tune after she saw the guy’s work.

“I don’t want my children’s books to fail because of terrible illustrations.”

“I’m not going to let that happen. I will find someone new, and we’ll have these illustrations redone.

11-03-18_3-42-05 PM

It only took Maeve a few days to find someone new. She had him sketch one page from the book and sent a copy of the sketch to Owen.

“That is exactly what I had pictured in my head.”

“Good. I already gave him your information. He is on his way to Brindleton Bay as we speak.”

As soon as they hung up, he called for Andy. “I need you to get your toys out of the living room please.”

11-03-18_4-11-58 PM

As it turned out, Owen and Kyle had met before. Kyle had been on the same book tour. They had talked a few times on the tour. He was a nice guy.

They worked well together. He didn’t even mind interruptions from Andy. At one point, he even helped the boy with his homework while Owen was on the phone.

Owen hung up the phone still processing what he was just told.

Kyle looked up from the paper he was helping Andy with. “Is everything okay?”

All Owen could do was shake his head.


3:37 For A Change

Patrick didn’t text back. 

Owen and Dakota had filed a report with the police. Daniel was also looking for them. Owen had left several messages on Patrick’s voicemail and text. There hasn’t been any response back.

11-01-18_7-38-14 PM

“Daddy, how much longer do I have to write my letters?”

Owen looked at Andy’s paper. “Finish this line then you are done and can take a break.”

“What are we doing next?”

“Reading. I got you a new book for today.”

Owen had made the decision to home school his son. With all the news about bullying and kids either killing themselves or others, he was not willing to take the chance. He knew that Andy would be a target simply because he had two gay fathers. He was not going to put his son through that.

“All done!”

“Put the paper in the basket then you can take a break. I will get lunch started.”

Andy put the paper in the basket then ran to the bathroom. Owen smiled then picked up his phone to call his mother. He called her every day to check on how his grandpa was doing. Thankfully he was having a good day. They seemed to happen more often now that his uncle was in town.

11-01-18_7-44-26 PM

“Daddy, there’s no toilet paper in here.”

“Be right there, Andy.” He hung up the phone and went to get toilet paper.

“I don’t need to do reading no more, Daddy. I read this while I poop.” He help up the picture book and grinned.

“Reading doesn’t count when you are on break.” He put the new roll on the holder. “Don’t forget to wash your hands when you are finished. Dry them on the towel this time and not your pants.”

He left the bathroom shaking his head. That boy sure is something else.”