3:54 Because You Loved Me

11-25-18_3-56-35 PM

Owen quickly opened the box the delivery man had dropped off. He ran his hand over the cover of the book that sat on top.

Maeve had arranged to have one copy of the book printed for him when his newest children’s book was printed.

“What book is that, Daddy?”

“It’s the book I wrote for your grandpa. Get in the car and we’ll go give it to him.”

“I’m not done with my math yet.”

“You can finish it when we get back.”

11-25-18_6-06-28 PM

Zaiden looked at the book in his hands. He opened it and read a few lines. “You wrote this?”

Owen watched his father look through the book. “I wanted to give you all of the memories of your life. The good and the baby.”

Zaiden stood up and hugged his son. “Thank you. This really means a lot to me.”

“Darling, here is a picture of your parents.” Raelyn showed him the picture. “We were talking about them yesterday.”

Zaiden looked at the picture and smiled. “They look like they love each other very much.”

“They did. Just like you were my first love, they were each others.”

“Grandma had a very rough life.”Owen handed his father another book. “Grandpa had Grandma’s diaries published. They played a big role in your life. I have the original diaries at the house. This is the copy of them Grandpa made.”

Zaiden looked down at the book. “My mother’s story. Why do I have the feeling that it wasn’t a happy story?”

“It doesn’t start happy, but at the end she was.”

Raelyn gave her husband a soft smile. “In the end she had you, and that made her very happy.”


11 thoughts on “3:54 Because You Loved Me

  1. Sometimes I think it would be nice to lose your memory. No more nightmares from the past, no more hiding in closets under cover hoping your parents or their druggie friends don’t find you. No more memories from the past. Being able to lose the memories from the first 10 years would be nice, then again, I would not be the person I am today.

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      1. Especially on this family. You never know what evil is outside your door or even living in your home. Another Rowana could show up anytime or worse.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Go Daniel for killing Teaque and Patrick for killing Rowana. I just hope Rowana doesn’t have an even twin or it was her twin her died and not her. She could be out there ready to strike at any moment. 😂 Goodness I don’t need to give you anymore ideas to torture this poor family.😂

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