3:49 Fall


Zaiden had been found outside the campgrounds. He was taken to the hospital by Daniel’s men. Daniel, Anthony, and several more men followed the blood trail through the campground to one of the cabins. They saw the chair in the middle of the room and the ropes on the floor. The chair and floor were covered in blood.

“It looks like this is where he was being held. Beaten and shot here. Dumped at the entrance.”

Anthony nodded agreeing with his brother. “They probably thought he was dead when they dumped him.”

“I thought he was dead when we found him.” Daniel looked at his older brother. “This is the second time he has been shot.”

“I know.”

“Oh yeah. Retired cop. I forgot.”

Anthony looked at his brother and frowned. “I did not enjoy arresting you that night, Daniel. I didn’t want our first meeting to be in handcuffs.”

“That’s in the past. Right now we need to focus on finding the bitch who tried to kill our sister’s husband.”

“You know there’s only one way to stop her, right?”

Daniel nodded and looked at his brother. “Are you prepared for that?”

“I may be a retired cop, but I’m still Tony Corleonesi’s son.”

11-15-18_12-58-18 AM

Raelyn sat in the hospital’s waiting room yet again. This felt a lot like the first time, yet it was different. This time she was surrounded by her children and grandchildren. Last time they knew the shot to the chest was survivable. This time Zaiden had been shot in the head. The chances of him surviving this were not good.

Raelyn squeezed Owen’s hand. “Stop blaming yourself. You would not have been able to stop him from going. You know how your father is.”

“I know. I shouldn’t have told him.”

“He would have found out from somebody, honey.”

11-15-18_1-00-33 AM

Kenya toddled over to them. “Papa?”

Raelyn smiled at her granddaughter. “Your papa will be here soon. He is helping look for bad people.”

Kenya looked at her dad then at her grandma. “Papa bad?”

Owen shook his head. “Papa good. He will be here soon.”

11-15-18_1-05-34 AM

Kenya gave her dad a hug. “Lub you, Daddy.”

Owen hugged her back. “I love you too, baby girl.”

They watched her go back to the others. Kyle was reading to the kids to keep them occupied.

“How is Kyle handling Patrick being back?”

“Not well. He’s worried that I will go back to Patrick.”

“How do you feel?”

“I will always love Patrick. He was my first love. We have four amazing children together.” He watched his kids and his niece set listening the story Kyle was reading to them. He smiled when Kyle looked up from the book at him. “I will always love Patrick, but I am no longer in love with him. I am in love with Kyle. I plan to have him in my life for a very long time.”

Raelyn was happy for her son. She liked Kyle. He made her son happy and was great with the kids.

11-15-18_3-19-17 AM

Patrick stayed hidden in the shadows with the two men Daniel had sent with him. They were listening to a conversation between his husband and his mother.

“You promised that you could make him want to be with me again.”

“He married you, didn’t he?”

“Only because he was drugged and not able to say no.”

11-15-18_3-20-21 AM

“I don’t see why you are bitching about this. I took care of the hard part for you. The deal was you help me get out of prison and I would help you get my son back. You have him. It is up to you to keep him.”

“I don’t have him though. He is still in love with that ex-husband of his. He’s not in love with me.”

“Then get rid of the guy. It’s not that complicated.”

“Then I’ll be stuck with all those brats.”

Rowana rolled her eyes. “Then get rid of them too. Take them to your sister. Didn’t you say she was their egg donor?”

“That doesn’t change the fact that he hates me.”

“He doesn’t love you because he loves his ex-husband. Get rid of the competition. You just put a bullet in one man’s head. Do the same to his son. Show Patrick how serious you are about having him in your life.”

Patrick couldn’t believe the things he was hearing. His own mother was telling Teague to get rid of his kids. He had always known that she was a horrible mother, but this made her a monster.

He looked at the two men and nodded. He had heard more than enough. More of Daniel’s men had joined them and rushed the two.

Daniel put his hand on Patrick’s shoulder. “You okay?”

Patrick nodded. “I want to see them both.”

Daniel nodded and walked with him. He stood back with Anthony keeping an eye on things.

11-15-18_3-29-56 AM

Patrick looked over at his mother then walked to Teague. He cupped his husband’s face in his hands and leaned close like he was going to kiss him. Instead he looked him in the eye.

“You were my best friend. You were my first love and my first heartbreak. You are the uncle of my children. I could have loved you again if you had only given me time to deal with my divorce.”

He took a step back and put his hand on Teague’s chest. “At one time I craved your body and your touch.”

He slid his hand to the front of Teague’s pants. “I wanted you more than I wanted anything else. Even after you broke my heart, I wanted you. Then I met a man who picked up the pieces and made my heart whole again. You didn’t like that though, did you? You had to go and stick your dick in what was mine.”

He squeezed Teague’s dick as hard as he could making him cry out in pain and brought tears to his eyes. “If that wasn’t enough, you fucked his sister too.”

Daniel took a step toward them. “He what?”

“He is Rosie’s father.” He looked back at Teague. “You drugged me to get me to marry you. You used my children to get me to do what you wanted. You threatened the lives of my children to keep me in your bed. I did not want to be in your bed, and I sure didn’t want to fuck you. Thankfully, I will never to again. Neither will anybody else. I’m done with you.”

He stepped back then pulled his fist back. The punch sent Teague’s head snapping back.

He watched Daniel and a few of the men drag Teague to another room. He had seen Daniel hold his hand out and one of the men put a knife in his hand. It wasn’t more than a few seconds later that they heard the screams turn muffled followed by the single gun shot and the thud of the body hitting the floor.

11-15-18_3-36-46 AM

Patrick turned to his mother.” I have been waiting a long time to tell you exactly how I feel about you.”

“I am your mother. Don’t do this.”

Patrick shook his head. “You are not my mother. A mother loves her children. A mother does not tell her child that she would have aborted him if she had known that his father wasn’t the man with the bank account. A mother would never beat her child when the child only asked for a hug. A mother wouldn’t set her son up to be drugged and raped every night. A mother wouldn’t sell her son for her own freedom.”

Anthony was disgusted by the things this woman did to her own son.

“Raelyn has been more of a mother to me than you ever were.”

He saw Daniel and the men return. He thought of the things this woman had taken from him.

“If I was never born a lot of people would not be hurting right now.” He took the gun from his pocket. “You used me to hurt a lot of people I care about. If I weren’t here, you couldn’t hurt anyone again. You would lose your power.”

Daniel took a step toward him as he put the gun to his own head. “Patrick, don’t do this. Think of your kids.”

Patrick never took his eyes off his mother. “Without me, her ability to hurt your family is gone, Daniel. She won’t be able to hurt me anymore.”

“If you do this, you are the one who would be hurting people.” He reached out slowly and wrapped his hand around Patrick’s wrist and pulled it away from his head. “If you do this, you will hurt me. Hasn’t she already taken enough people I love from me? You are part of my family and I love you. Don’t let her take you from me also.”

Patrick looked at Daniel. “She took your wife and daughters from you.”

Daniel nodded. He still felt the pain of losing them. “She did.”

“I can’t let her take anyone else.”

What happened next was nothing like what Daniel had planned or expected. In the end Rowana laid dead on the floor…shot by her own son.

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