3:48 F**king Perfect

Owen held Kyle’s hand tight as they waited. They had gone back to the house like Daniel told them to do. He was out looking for Zaiden. Grace was with their mother waiting.

They both jumped when someone knocked on the door. Owen rushed to the door hoping to see his father and his son. The only person there was Patrick. He was in really rough shape.

Owen let him insid hwile Kyle went to the kitchen for ice.

“He was waiting when I got back tot he room. He knew I talked to you.”

Kyle handed him the ice. As badly beaten as the guy was, he probably should go to the hospital.

“They plan to kill your father.”

Owen sat down beside Kyle. His father was walking into a trap he wouldn’t get out of.

“Where’s Andy?”

“They took  him. My dad left the hospital to trade himself for our son.”

“The hospital?”

“He had a heart attack. Kyle and I were packing to come home when you slid the note under the door.”

Andy came running through the door followed by the triplets and Anthony.

Owen hugged his son tight. He looked at his uncle. “Dad?”

Anthony shook his head. “The kids were left in a park. Your father was gone when we got there. We have everybody out looking for him.” He promised to keep them updated then left to help with the search.

Owen noticed that the triplets hid behind Patrick. Kenya kept peeking at him. “Daddy missed you.”

Kenya jumped into his arms and hugged him. “No more go way?”

Owen shook his head. “Never again.”

Seeing that their sister was fine, the other two decided they wanted hugs too.

Kyle watched the family together. He knew this put Patrick back in Owen’s life.

“Daddy, is Papa going to live with us again?”

Owen looked at Patrick. “Do you have somewhere to stay?”

“I’ll get a room at the hotel until I find something.”

Owen shook his head. “You can’t stay at a hotel. That is not the right environment for the kids. I will talk to my uncle. You can stay there. My mom can help with the kids.”

For a few minutes, Kyle had been afraid he was going to let Patrick stay there. He wasn’t comfortable with the idea of the three of them living together.

Kyle looked at the little girl who climbed up to sit beside him. “I am going to guess that you are Teresa.”

“Are you Daddy too?”

Kyle shook his head. “I work for your daddy. I draw the pictures that go with the stories that your daddy write.”

Owen frowned as he listened to Kyle. “Can I talk to you in the office?”

Kyle followed him to the other room.

“What was that about? You work for me? Is that how you see us?”

“Now that Patrick and the kids are back…”

“Stop. You think I would push you aside and go back to him? We have been together for two years, Kyle. Haven’t you figured out by now how I feel about you?”

“How am I supposed to know for sure how you feel when you never tell me?”

Owen softly caressed Kyle’s cheek. “It is hard for me to say those words. My heart was broken and it made me question what I thought I knew about love.” He looked into Kyle’s eyes. “A part of me will always love Patrick. He was my first love and we have children together. You are the main that I am in love with. You are the man that I want to fall asleep with every night and wake up with every morning. I love you, Kyle, and don’t you ever think otherwise.”

Kyle smiled at his words. “You said you love me.”

Owen nodded and smiled. “I did, and I will say it again. I love you, Kyle Palmer.”


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