3:47 Easy For You

11-11-18_3-52-51 PM

Owen was setting with his dad while his mom went home for a shower. Kyle was setting beside him talking to Zaiden.

Zaiden watched the two of them together and smiled. “Have the two of you talked about getting married yet?”

Owen looked at Kyle then at his father. “No, Dad, we haven’t. I think we are both happy with our relationship the way it is right now.”

11-11-18_3-54-33 PM

Kyle nodded and leaned against Owen a bit. “I love your son, Mr. Maynard. I know about his past and I don’t want to rush him into anything that he may not be ready for. As long as he wants me in his life, I will be here.”

Owen kissed Kyle’s cheek. “I plan to keep you in my life for a very long time.”

11-11-18_3-58-12 PM

Owen felt the phone vibrate in his pocket. He pulled it out and checked the text. It said it was from Patrick but he knew it was more likely to be from Teague or Rowana.

He read the text then showed it to Kyle.

“You need to send that to your uncle.”

Owen quickly forwarded the text to his Uncle Daniel.

Zaiden watched the two of them. “Is something wrong? Don’t tell me you are working for your uncle.”

“I’m not. He is helping me with something.”

“If you had to go to Daniel for help, it must be something either illegal or dangerous. What have you done that you need his help with?”

“I didn’t do anything. I promise.”

Something is going on. I know the work your uncle does. Tell me what is going on.”

11-11-18_4-08-17 PM

Owen knew that his dad would stay on him until someone told him. He had no choice. “Rowana escaped prison.”

“And your uncle is trying to find her?” He watched Owen nod. “I know there’s more. What else?”

“She has Andy and the triplets.”

“Let me see the text.”

Owen shook his head.”

“Owen, let me see the text.”

He handed the phone to his father.

Zaiden read the text, handed the phone back to his son, then started pulling the monitor wires from his body.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m giving her what she wants.”

“You can’t do this, Dad.”

“That text says that for you to get your son back, I have to meet her. We both know what she did to Patrick. I won’t let her do the same to my grandson.”

Owen knew he wasn’t going to be able to stop him. “Take Uncle Daniel with you. Please.”

“No. If I don’t go alone she could get angry and someone could get killed. I am not taking that chance.


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