3:46 Fade Away

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Kyle sat with Owen holding his hand.

“We shouldn’t have gone on the damn tour. Every time we do, something happens.”

Raelyn heard that her son was there and went looking for him. She saw him with Kyle and Daniel. She hurried over to hug him but stopped when she saw the look on his face.

Daniel caught his sister’s arm before she could get to Owen. “Give them a few minutes. He just got bad news.”

Raelyn looked at her brother. “What happened?”

“Rowana escaped from prison. She has the triplets…and Andy.”

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She pushed past her brother and went to her son. She wrapped her arms around him. “We will find them and bring all of them home.”

“How’s Dad?”

“Your father is resting. Grace is sitting in there with him right now. The heart attack wasn’t as bad as they first thought.”

“We can’t tell Dad about this. It might make him worse.”

“You know I won’t keep any more secrets from him, but I won’t tell him unless he asks.”

Owen knew that was the best he would get from her. He handed her the picture he had gotten from Patrick.

“They are so beautiful.” She thought about how upset her son had been a couple years earlier when he got the text telling him the kids were dead. That pissed her off. “Why would Patrick tell you they were dead if they weren’t?”

“He didn’t. Teague sent that text.” He explained to his mother what Patrick had told him.

“That woman will stop at nothing to her her hands on your father. Using her own son and grandchildren like this…”

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Grace walked over to the group. “Dad is awake and asking for you, Mom. I am going to call home and check on Rosie.”

11-11-18_1-23-11 PM

“I sent someone to get her and bring her here. Call your roommates and tell them that a man named Troy will be picking her up.”

Grace looked at their uncle. “Why is she coming here? What is going on?”

“Rowana escaped from prison. She is after Dad again. She has Andy and the triplets.”

“And she could be after my daughter too?”

Owen nodded. “Teague is working with her.”

11-11-18_1-24-17 PM

Grace sat down and shook her head. “Hasn’t that man fucked with out family enough? He drugged and raped you. He knocked me up. When is he going to leave us alone?”

Raelyn’s head whipped around to her daughter. “Are you pregnant again?”

Grace shook her head. “Teague is Rosie’s father.”

Raelyn looked at the others. None of them seemed surprised. “You all knew?”

Owen nodded. “We don’t want Dad to know. He would go after Teague. I don’t think Dad would be so lucky at a second murder trial.”

Raelyn understood why they didn’t tell her. “You know that if you father asks, I have to tell him. I won’t lie to him.”

Grace nodded. “We know.”

“Is there anything else that I need to know and you two are keeping from me?”

Grace shook her head. Owen looked over at Kyle before looking back at his mom. “I’ll talk to you about it later, Mom.”

“I am going back in the room. Owen, come with me. Your dad will be happy to see you.” She looked at her brother. “You find a way to bring my grandkids home.”


4 thoughts on “3:46 Fade Away

  1. Okay…..let me try to sort this all out. Zaiden had a heart attack and they are all at he hospital? Rowena is the one orchestrating things? To get back at Zaiden for putting her in jail? So now she kidnapped her grand kids – sort of. Why? And what does Teague have to do with it all. Or is all of this Rowena stuff separate from the Teague/Patrick/Owen/Grace/Rosie/Triplet thing? Sooo confused….lol….too much inbreeding!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, Zaiden had a heart attack. Just a minor one thankfully.
      Rowana is behind everything going on.
      Teague’s reason for being involved will be made clear soon. It is all connected. It will all be tied together with a cute little bow really soon.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I feel sorry for Patrick. Him and Owen still have feelings for each other, yet he loves Kyle, too. Patrick did all this to keep his family safe. It is hard when you mom is the one that is always hurting you caring more about what she wants than her child and grandchildren. Parents is suppose to protect their children, not be the one from whom they need protection. I think Patrick or Raelyn will wind up having to kill Rowana.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. All of this is really hard for Patrick right now. He knows that Owen has moved on and is having to accept that. Owen does love Kyle, but loves Patrick too. Kyle knows Owen still loves Patrick, and as of yet, Owen has never told Kyle that he loves him. what is in the future for these three is up in the air at the moment but will be decided in the next several chapters.
      Rowana really is a terrible mother and grandmother. It’s all about her. It always has been. Maybe she will finally get what she deserves.

      Liked by 1 person

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