3:45 Dust In The Wind

11-11-18_2-27-25 AM

Owen listened to his Uncle Anthony.

“I will call Dakota and have her or Derick pick up Andy. He will only get bored setting at the hospital. We are only a few hours from home so I’ll rent a car and we’ll be there as soon as we can.”

Kyle was already packing their things while Owen was on the phone. He frowned when he saw a piece of paper being shoved under the door. He picked it up and saw Owen’s name on it. He waited until he was off the phone to hand it to him.

“Patrick’s handwriting.” He read the note quickly. “I’ll be right back.”

Kyle frowned as he watched him leave the room.

11-11-18_1-16-03 AM

Owen found Patrick exactly where the note said.

“I only have a few minutes before he realizes I am gone. You have to listen to me. That text, I didn’t send it. Teague did so you would stop texting. The kids are fine. Well I hope they are. They are with my mother. If they find out I am talking to you, they will kill me and the kids.” He handed Owen a recent picture of the kids. “Keep Andy and Tayler safe. My mother will use them to get to your father.”

He started to leave then turned back to Owen. “I hope he makes you happy. You deserve it.”

Before Owen could say anything Patrick was gone. He would have thought he had imagined it if it wasn’t for the picture in his hand.

He walked back to the room still thinking about what he was told. He called his Uncle Daniel and told him what was going on. Daniel said he would take care of things and for him to watch his back on the drive home.

Kyle had heard part of the call when Owen came in. “What is going on, Owen?”

Owen handed him the picture.

Kyle looked at the picture then at Owen. “Is this…?”

“Teresa, Cameron and Kenya. I’ll explain in the car.”

11-11-18_11-31-01 AM

At the hospital Anthony pulled Owen and Kyle aside to a corner of the waiting room. “They have Andy.”


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      1. I do daily when I have time and when the game isn’t being an ass. Game was running great all weekend and since I do not work on weekends I was able to get ahead a few chapters. I have all but the last 9 chapters of this generation written but need to screen shot them.

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