3:44 Big Time

11-10-18_11-07-00 PM

It had been almost two years since that camping trip when Owen and Kyle started dating.

Owen sat on the bed watching Kyle walk around their hotel room. “Too bad we can’t skip these interviews. I would much rather stay here and watch you walk around the room naked.”

Kyle leaned down and kissed Owen. “I know you don’t like these tours. I understand. This time is different than it was before.” He softly kissed him again. “This time we are here together.”

That was the only reason he had agreed to do this tour. After finding out that Teague was also going to be there, he had almost backed out. Kyle’s promise not to leave him alone was the only reason he hadn’t backed out. Thankfully they hadn’t seen him yet.

“We have a few hours before our first interview.” He slid under the covers and pulled Owen close. “I think we should make the most of our time and this room.”

11-10-18_11-16-09 PM

They decided to join the others in the bar for one drink before going to their room for the night. It had been a long day of interviews.

“It looks like Teague didn’t come alone.”

Owen turned and looked at the bar. The sight of Patrick sitting there was a surprise that sent an arrow of pain through his heart.

“Let’s skip the drinks and go back to our room.” He hadn’t realized who the guy was when he mentioned him. It wasn’t until he saw Owen’s reaction that he realized it.

Owen shook his head. “If he’s here with Teague, we are going to keep running into him. I can handle it.” He took Kyle’s hand in his and smiled. “I have the better man here with me anyway.” He leaned toward Kyle and kissed him.”

11-10-18_11-21-41 PM

Patrick watched the two men at the table and finally understood why Teague forced him to come on this tour. It was just another way torture him.

Watching Owen with another man was hard. Seeing how happy they looked together was worse.

He knew he needed to talk to him. He had to explain that text and tell him that the kids were all fine. Well as fine as they could be considering who they were with at the moment.

“It looks like he has moved on.”

“Leave him alone.”

“I have no intention of bothering him. I have my dear loving husband here to fulfill my every wish and desire.”

“I hate you.”

“So you keep telling me.” He reached between Patrick’s legs and grabbed his dick. “As long as I still control this, I don’t need your love.”

Patrick tried to move away which only made Teague squeeze him tighter.

“Don’t even think about trying to talk to him without me there. You know what will happen if you do.”


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