3:40 Does He Love You

11-04-18_2-50-54 PM

Raelyn was surprised when a man she didn’t know answered her son’s door. “Is Owen home? I am his mother.”

Kyle let her inside. “He is still asleep. He had a bad night.”

Raelyn looked toward the stairs that led to her son’s room. “Where is Andy?”

“Upstairs with Owen. I am Kyle, by the way. I work for your son.”

“You work for him?”

Kyle nodded. “I am his illustrator. We have been working together on his new book series.”

Raelyn remembered Owen talking about a new illustrator. “It is nice to meet you, Kyle.:

11-04-18_2-57-17 PM

Andy came downstairs. “Grandma, Daddy wants to talk to you.”

Raelyn saw the way her grandson kept looking up the stairs and that worried her. She went upstairs and found him still in his shorts setting on the side of the bed.

11-04-18_2-14-18 PM

“I met Kyle. He seems like a nice guy.”

“He is.”

“Did he stay here last night?”


“Are the two of you…?”


Raelyn sat down beside her son. She could see that he had been crying for awhile now. She hadn’t seen him like this since him and Patrick first split. This was different though. Then he had not only been sad, but also angry. This time she didn’t see any anger, just pain. “What’s wrong?”

He handed her his phone with the text. She read it then wrapped her arms around her son holding him tight. “Oh, baby. I’m so sorry.”

She felt the tears in her own eyes as she held tight to her son. She managed to send a text to Zaiden to have him come to the house. She could hear her grandson downstairs with Kyle. It sounded like they were working on Math. She would have to thank the young man for helping with her grandson.

11-04-18_2-35-46 PM

Owen had just fallen back to sleep when she heard Zaiden’s voice downstairs.

She grabbed Owen’s phone before going to talk to her husband. She pulled him onto the porch to talk to him.

11-04-18_3-32-22 PM

Andy watched his grandparents through the window. He watched his grandma show his grandpa something, then his grandpa hug her. They talked for a few minutes, then his grandpa left. He saw his grandma coming back inside.

“Andy can you go play in your room for a bit? I need to talk to Kyle.”

And put his pencil down and got up. “Grandma, is Daddy going to be okay?”

Raelyn nodded at her grandson and gave him a little smile. “Your daddy is very sad right now. He is going to need lots of hugs and cuddles from his favorite little boy to make him feel better.”

“I wish my brother and sisters were here to give Daddy hugs and cuddles too. We could all make him feel better.”

“I wish they were here too, Andy.” She watched her grandson go into his room then looked at Kyle. “Thank you for taking care of him this morning.”

11-04-18_3-35-48 PM

“It’s not a problem. He’s a great kid.” He glanced up the stairs worried. “Is Owen okay?”

Raelyn shook her head. “Has he told you anything about his ex-husband?”

“A little. He took off with three of their kids, right?”

Raelyn nodded. She had debated letting him know what was going on. If her son trusted him enough to let him in the house with her grandson, then she should be able to trust him also. She handed him Owen’s phone so he could see the text.

Kyle read the text then looked at her. “That’s why I heard him crying last night. I thought it was…”

“My parents? That could have been part of it also. Owen was close to his grandparents. Losing them was hard on him.”

“And now this… What can I do to help all of you?”

“Are you able to stay here for awhile? I am going to help my brother and husband find Patrick.”

“I need to go home and get some things, but I can stay.”

“You go get what you need. I will stay until you get back.”


4 thoughts on “3:40 Does He Love You

  1. So… in sure they will find him. Still so confused. Seems Patrick still cares about Owen but what does Teague have on him? Augh. I don’t get it. He using Patrick like a sex slave. And Kyle and Owen will hook up and then s bigger mess. Who is Kyle related to? Lmao.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kyle came alone from the casting call. No family so no mess coming with him. Lol
      As for the mess with Teague, Patrick, Owen, and the kids, it is a bit confusing right now but will become clear soon. There is someone else behind what is going on.

      Liked by 1 person

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