3:39 Crazy

11-03-18_8-45-10 PM

Even thought it was late, Kyle was willing to drive to the house to work. He knew that Owen was going to need the distraction.

He pulled his car behind Owens and turned it off. He looked toward the small cemetery to see if Owen was there. All he saw were the two new graves among the older ones.

He walked to the house and knocked on the door.

11-03-18_8-58-38 PM

“Come on in. We need to work quietly. Andy is already asleep. Today was rough for him.”

Kyle could only imagine what it was like. “How are you holding up?”

Owen shrugged. “Better than my mother and uncles.”

When he had gotten the call from his dad, he thought it it was an update on the search for Patrick and the triplets. The last thing he expected was to hear that his grandparents had both died together in their sleep. It had been a huge shock.

“Is there anything I can do?”

Owen shook his head. “Right now we just need to focus on this deadline.”

Kyle nodded and pulled out his sketchbook.

11-03-18_9-10-51 PM

It was after midnight when they finished.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t realize it was so late.”

“It’s fine. We finished the book. That is what is important.”

“Stay in the guest room tonight. It is too late to be driving home tonight.”

Kyle started to say he was fine, but his yawn said otherwise.

“Come on. I’ll show you to the guest room.” He led Kyle downstairs to his old room. The room was going to be remodeled for Andy but for now it was the guestroom.

“Thank you, Owen. You are a lot nicer than the last author I worked with. She was a bitch. She made work hell after she found out I am gay.”

He frowned hearing that. “You don’t have to worry about that from me.”

Kyle could see the sadness and pain in Owen’s eyes. He wanted to hug him and comfort him, but knew that wouldn’t be appropriate.

“Are you okay? Is there anything I can do?”

“I’ll be fine. Just missing some people who should be here right now.” He gave Kyle a small smile. “Good night, Kyle.”

11-03-18_9-21-57 PM

Owen went upstairs to his bedroom. He got undressed and climbed into bed. He picked up his phone to send the usual text he would send every night to Patrick.

11-03-18_11-58-12 PM

Patrick heard the ding of his phone letting him know he had a text waiting for him. He looked at the man asleep beside him as he reached for the phone.

He read through Owen’s text and felt his heart break.

“Patrick, I realize now that the things you said were just another of your lies. You had no intention of us working things out and getting back together. Now that I realize that, I can let you go and start to heal. I do thank you for showing me who I am and what it means to love somebody. Please give the kids hugs and kisses from me and their brother. We miss them. I wish you would send me a message letting me know they are okay.”

He wanted to send a message back but knew that he couldn’t. They monitored his phone and would find out. They had already told him they would kill Owen if he tried to contact anybody from back home.

The text messages and the voice mails were the only thing that kept him going.

He touched the screen on his phone. “Don’t give up. I still love you.”

“Did you say something?”

“No. Go back to sleep.” He sat the phone back on the nightstand.

“Another text from loverboy?” He reached around Patrick and grabbed the phone. He read the text then laughed “It looks like he is finally giving up on you.” He typed something in the reply box then handed the phone to Patrick. “Send it.”

11-04-18_12-06-35 AM

Patrick read the reply then looked at Teague. “This is cruel.”

Teague reached over and hit the send button. “That should end things permanently between the two of you.” He took the phone from Patrick and tossed it to the floor. “He is never going to want you back now. He is going to hate you.”

He knew he was right. That text ended any chance he ever had of getting Owen back. “I hate you.”

“That’s fine. Yours isn’t the first ass of someone who hates me that I’ve had my dick in.” He pulled his husband down to show him just how little he cared.

11-03-18_9-21-57 PM

Owen was surprised by the alert on the phone telling him he had a text. He saw that it was from Patrick and quickly opened it. He read the text and dropped the phone onto the bed.

“Just pretend that I am dead, like our children truly are.”

He thought about his babies and cried. They should be learning to walk right now, not…

He knew he was going to have to tell Dakota and his parents. He would do that in the morning. For just the one night, he was going to be alone in his grief.


4 thoughts on “3:39 Crazy

  1. At least we know Patrick is okay and I assume the children are okay. I just don’t understand what anyone would gain by threatening to harm Owen and Andy or why they holding Patrick and the twins hostage.

    Liked by 1 person

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