3:38 Bless The Broken Road

11-03-18_3-09-58 PM

Owen was giving Andy the instructions on his math work when Maeve called. 

“I looked at the…I wouldn’t call this crap illustrations. I agree that you need someone else.”

The illustrator that Owen had been working with was terrible He had been begging Maeve to find him someone new. She kept telling him to the give the guy a chance. She changed her tune after she saw the guy’s work.

“I don’t want my children’s books to fail because of terrible illustrations.”

“I’m not going to let that happen. I will find someone new, and we’ll have these illustrations redone.

11-03-18_3-42-05 PM

It only took Maeve a few days to find someone new. She had him sketch one page from the book and sent a copy of the sketch to Owen.

“That is exactly what I had pictured in my head.”

“Good. I already gave him your information. He is on his way to Brindleton Bay as we speak.”

As soon as they hung up, he called for Andy. “I need you to get your toys out of the living room please.”

11-03-18_4-11-58 PM

As it turned out, Owen and Kyle had met before. Kyle had been on the same book tour. They had talked a few times on the tour. He was a nice guy.

They worked well together. He didn’t even mind interruptions from Andy. At one point, he even helped the boy with his homework while Owen was on the phone.

Owen hung up the phone still processing what he was just told.

Kyle looked up from the paper he was helping Andy with. “Is everything okay?”

All Owen could do was shake his head.


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