3:37 For A Change

Patrick didn’t text back. 

Owen and Dakota had filed a report with the police. Daniel was also looking for them. Owen had left several messages on Patrick’s voicemail and text. There hasn’t been any response back.

11-01-18_7-38-14 PM

“Daddy, how much longer do I have to write my letters?”

Owen looked at Andy’s paper. “Finish this line then you are done and can take a break.”

“What are we doing next?”

“Reading. I got you a new book for today.”

Owen had made the decision to home school his son. With all the news about bullying and kids either killing themselves or others, he was not willing to take the chance. He knew that Andy would be a target simply because he had two gay fathers. He was not going to put his son through that.

“All done!”

“Put the paper in the basket then you can take a break. I will get lunch started.”

Andy put the paper in the basket then ran to the bathroom. Owen smiled then picked up his phone to call his mother. He called her every day to check on how his grandpa was doing. Thankfully he was having a good day. They seemed to happen more often now that his uncle was in town.

11-01-18_7-44-26 PM

“Daddy, there’s no toilet paper in here.”

“Be right there, Andy.” He hung up the phone and went to get toilet paper.

“I don’t need to do reading no more, Daddy. I read this while I poop.” He help up the picture book and grinned.

“Reading doesn’t count when you are on break.” He put the new roll on the holder. “Don’t forget to wash your hands when you are finished. Dry them on the towel this time and not your pants.”

He left the bathroom shaking his head. That boy sure is something else.”


6 thoughts on “3:37 For A Change

  1. Patrick left one child already is he about to leave another. I still wondering if he ever cared for Owen or was this revenge. Is Teague blackmailing Patrick? Is something else going on and the kids, Teague, and Patrick all in trouble?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right now Owen is afraid of losing him. He already lost the triplets since nobody knows where they are. He is wanting to keep Andy close and feels this is the best way to do it.


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