3:54 Because You Loved Me

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Owen quickly opened the box the delivery man had dropped off. He ran his hand over the cover of the book that sat on top.

Maeve had arranged to have one copy of the book printed for him when his newest children’s book was printed.

“What book is that, Daddy?”

“It’s the book I wrote for your grandpa. Get in the car and we’ll go give it to him.”

“I’m not done with my math yet.”

“You can finish it when we get back.”

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Zaiden looked at the book in his hands. He opened it and read a few lines. “You wrote this?”

Owen watched his father look through the book. “I wanted to give you all of the memories of your life. The good and the baby.”

Zaiden stood up and hugged his son. “Thank you. This really means a lot to me.”

“Darling, here is a picture of your parents.” Raelyn showed him the picture. “We were talking about them yesterday.”

Zaiden looked at the picture and smiled. “They look like they love each other very much.”

“They did. Just like you were my first love, they were each others.”

“Grandma had a very rough life.”Owen handed his father another book. “Grandpa had Grandma’s diaries published. They played a big role in your life. I have the original diaries at the house. This is the copy of them Grandpa made.”

Zaiden looked down at the book. “My mother’s story. Why do I have the feeling that it wasn’t a happy story?”

“It doesn’t start happy, but at the end she was.”

Raelyn gave her husband a soft smile. “In the end she had you, and that made her very happy.”


3:53 February Song

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Kyle sat the sketch on the desk and looked at the computer screen. “How is the book going?”

Owen saved his work then turned his chair to face Kyle. “Some of it is harder to write than other parts. There are things I would like to forget but they are important parts of Dad’s life.”

Owen had decided to write his father’s story. He wanted his father to see the kind of man that he had always been.

He picked up the sketch and looked it over. “I wish I could draw like you.”

“If you could, you wouldn’t need me and we would not have met.”

“We met before I needed an illustrator. We would have met again.” He pulled Kyle close for a kiss. “I will always need you. I am not complete without you. I love you.”

Those words had gotten easier for him to say since he first said them to Kyle. Now he enjoyed saying them.

“I love you, too.” He turned Owen’s  chair back around. “You work. I am going to get dinner started.”

“I put chicken in the fridge to defrost.”

“Okay. I will fix something with chicken tonight.”

Owen reached out and grabbed Kyle’s ass before turning his attention tot he computer. “It’s just the two of us tonight.”

“Andy is staying with Patrick tonight?”

“Yeah. They are going to the zoo in the morning. It was easier to just let him stay.”

“So this has nothing to do with the locked room?”

Owen shrugged and grinned. “You’ve been wanting in there just as much as I have.”

Kyle couldn’t deny that. “I’m going to fix dinner. Get back to work or no desert for you.”

“Yes, Sir.” Owen laughed as Kyle walked away.

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Owen stopped at the door at the bottom of the stairs. He kissed Kyle then grinned. “I have never done anything like this before.”

“Either have I so this should be interesting.”

Owen unlocked the door and pushed it open. They both stepped inside and closed the door. “What do you want to try first?”

11-20-18_11-45-31 PM

Kyle pointed to the cross. “I don’t think I have the body for the stripper pole.”

“You have the perfect body. Soft where it needs to me…” He lightly ran his hand over the front of Kyle’s pants. “…and hard in all the right places.”

“I’ll do the stripper pole if you are the one strapped to the cross.”

Owen nodded and started removing his clothes. “Deal!”


3:52 Always Have, Always Will

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Raelyn took her steps slowly as she walked with Zaiden up the sidewalk into the house. He lightly squeezed her hand and smiled.

“Thank you for being so patient with me.”

“I waited thirteen years for you. I am a very patient woman.”

“Thirteen years?”

She nodded as she thought about it. “I knew the day that I met you that I was going to marry you. We were six. We were nineteen when we got married.”

He put his arm around her and kissed her cheek. “I need to talk to you about something. Is there somewhere we can sit down?”

11-20-18_7-53-43 PM

“Sure.” She helped him to the sofa.

“I made a decision last night while I watched you sleep. I am tired of hurting you.” She started to say something, but he put his hand over hers. “I see the pain in your eyes every time you want me to remember something and I can’t. It hurts me to see that pain in your eyes.”

“Baby, it’s not your fault.”

“Please, let me finish.” He held her hand in his. “I have decided to stop trying to remember. I want to focus on making new memories instead of trying to remember old ones.” He smiled softly at her. “I do still want to hear the stories though. I enjoy those.”

Raelyn leaned toward him and kissed him softly. “I love you and I am happy to spend the next 20 or 30 years making new memories with you.”

Zaiden looked at her and smiled softly. “I may not remember our time together, but my feelings are still there.” He softly caressed her cheek. “I love you.”

He stood up and gently tugged her hand. “Show me our bedroom. I want to get to know my wife again…and her body.”


3:51 False Alarms

11-19-18_5-36-32 PM

Patrick was out of the hospital. He had bought a house nearby so they could raise the kids together.

“Andrew Anthony Maynard, this is the last time I am going to say it. Get your shoes on and get in the car.”

Andy knew that when his dad used his full name, he meant business. He was already grounded for not listening the day before.

He put his shoes on and hurried to the car. He didn’t want to be grounded again.

Owen drove them to the hospital. He was hoping that seeing his grandson would spark some memories for his dad.

Owen could see the toll this was taking on his mother. Her husband didn’t remember her or any of their time together. He pulled away from her touches.

11-19-18_8-45-04 PM

Andy walked into the room with his dad. He saw his grandparents both sitting on the bed talking. He hugged his grandma then looked at his grandpa. “May I give you a hug too, Grandpa?”

Zaiden looked at the young boy. His wife had been trying to prepare him for this visit. He nodded and saw the boy smile as he hugged him. He really wished he could remember these people. He hated seeing the worry, hope, and pain in their eyes.

He saw the hope in their eyes as he hugged the boy. It hurt to see the change when he shook his head.

He looked at the boy and smiled. “You give really good hugs. I hope you will give me more of them.”

Andy smiled and nodded. “I tried to be easy. Daddy said you may hurt too much for a big hug.”

Zaiden smiled at him. “The hug was perfect. Not too tight.”

11-19-18_8-51-05 PM

Owen watched the two together. Even though his father could not remember him, they still seemed to have that bond that had been there since Andy was born. He was happy to see that.

“They are sending him home tomorrow.”

Owen looked at his mother surprised. “Is he ready? He still has the broken ribs and is recovering from the surgery. He had a bullet in his brain.”

“The doctor says that everything he is doing here, he can do at home.”

“What about his therapy? He just learned how to walk again. Is he going to be able to go up and down all those stairs?”

“Your uncle has people at the house today installing an elevator. We are hiring a nurse to come to the house every day and help with him.”

Owen didn’t like this. He felt it was too soon for his father to be released. “If there is anything I can do to help, let me know.”

“Keep bringing that boy to see his grandfather. The other kids also.”

Owen watched his son and his father. Andy was telling his grandfather a story about a pirate who ate too many coconuts and got a belly ache. Hearing the two of them laugh together made him smile.

“The only time I have seen your father smile has been when the kids have been here. He may not remember them, but he enjoys having them around.”

“I will make sure he get visits from the other three also.”

“How is Patrick doing?”

“He has his good days and his bad.” It was more bad than good, but getting better. “The worst was when he had to call his father and tell him.”

That had been a rough day. It was the first time that Owen and Kyle had heard the whole story of what had happened. Dakota and Derick had the kids and decided to keep them that night so the three of them could handle what Patrick was needing without having to worry about the kids also.

“Kyle is okay with you and Patrick spending so much time together?”

Owen nodded. “Kyle is usually with us. The two of them have become friends.”

“Raelyn was glad to hear that. She had been worried that something would happen to destroy the happiness she had been seeing in her son. “Are you able to just be friends with Patrick?”

“Yeah. He knows that I am planning a future with Kyle.”

That made Raelyn excited to hear. “You are?”

“I am. His birthday is in a few months. I think I am going to ask him then.”

“Oh, Honey!” She hugged her son.  “I am so happy for you!”

“You can’t tell anybody, Mom. I want it to be a surprise.”

“Not a word. I promise.”

11-19-18_8-56-59 PM

“Daddy, I really need to pee super duper bad.”

“I’ll take him. You stay and talk to your father.”

Owen moved to the chair by the bed that Andy had been sitting in.

“How are you feeling today, Dad?”

“I’m feeling okay. Still have a headache and my ribs still hurt a little.”

“Do you feel ready to go home tomorrow?”

“Hell yeah. I’m tired of this place. I’m ready to get out of here and start making new memories to replace the ones I forgot.” He leaned toward his son a little. “I’m really looking forward to finding out if your mother is as wild in the bedroom as she looks like she might be.”

“Dad!” That was the last thing he had expected to hear from his father, especially since he barely let his mother touch him.

“You’re a grown man with kids. Don’t even try to tell me that you are a virgin.”

Owen shook his head. “I am not a virgin, but I have never been with a woman.” This was awkward. He hadn’t had to come out to his parents before. It was done for him when his mother walked in on him and Patrick having sex. His father didn’t remember that though. “My kids were born by surrogate.”

“I think your mother told me something about that. The other father is your ex-husband. His name is…” He took a minute to try to remember what he had been told.  “…Patrick? Right?” He was glad when he got a nod in return.

“You have a new boyfriend now. His name is Kyle.”

“He’s my boyfriend, yes. We have been together for two years now.”

“He makes you happy?”

Owen nodded his head. “He makes me very happy.”

“That is what is important. If someone makes you happy then nothing else matters.” Zaiden frowned a little. “I can’t remember if your mother and I are happy together.”

“You don’t need to worry about that, Dad. You and Mom have the relationship I dream of having.”

“That makes me feel a lot better. I was hoping she wasn’t one of those women who are nice when others are around and mean in private.”

Owen shook his head. “You and Mom are amazing together. You split up for about a year and you both were miserable. The two of you belong together. She’s been in love with you since you were both kids.”

Zaiden smiled hearing that. “I do love your mother. I have seen that she is a very caring woman. I just wish this wasn’t so hard for her.


3:50 A Different Corner

11-18-18_1-59-09 PM

Owen was sitting with his mom in his dad’s room. He had barely made it through the surgery. Now they were waiting for him to wake up. He was taking turns with Grace since only two people were allowed in the room at a time. Whoever wasn’t in the room sat in the waiting room with Kyle and the kids.

Grace poked her head in the room. “Owen, Uncle Daniel needs to talk to you. I will sit with Mom until you get back.”

11-18-18_2-10-39 PM

Owen nodded then slipped out of the room. He saw his uncle waiting near the waiting room door. He followed him out of the room and down the hall. He stopped outside a closed door.

“I know you two are divorced and you moved on, but something happened tonight and Patrick needs a friend.”

Owen looked at the closed door and frowned. “What happened?”

“He killed his mother. He also tried to kill himself.”

Owen closed his eyes. He couldn’t imagine what Patrick was going through. “I will sit with him.”

11-18-18_2-34-46 PM

He went into the room and saw Patrick laying on the bed. It was obvious he was crying. Without thinking about it, Owen climbed into the bed with him and wrapped his arms around him. He felt Patrick grab the front of his shirt and bury his face in his chest. He rubbed his back not sure what he could do other than be there for him. “I’m here. You aren’t alone. I will be here.”

11-18-18_3-53-08 PM

Zaiden blinked a few times then groaned. His head felt like it was going to split open.

Raelyn heard the groan and smiled. Grace went to get the doctor leaving her alone with her husband.

“Hey, baby. Have a nice nap?”

Zaiden looked at the woman frowning. “Who are you?”

The doctor came in smiling. “If you would step out to the waiting room, Mrs. Maynard, I will be out to talk to you after I examine your husband.”

Raelyn nodded and left the room. She knew that something wasn’t right.

She looked around the waiting room. “Where’s Owen?”

“He’s with Patrick. I’ll go get him for you.”

“Thank you, Kyle.”

11-18-18_2-48-28 PM

Kyle went down the hall to the room Daniel had told him they were in when he explained what was going on. He lightly tapped on the door.

“Owen, your mother is looking for you. Your dad is awake.”

Patrick looked at Owen. “Go. I’ll be okay. I would like to talk to Kyle anyway.”

Owen squeezed his hand before walking to the door. He stopped and kissed Kyle’s cheek before going to find his mother.

“Come sit down. I promise I only want to talk.”

“I would rather stand.”

“You don’t like me, do you?”

“You worry me.”

“I worry you?”

Kyle nodded.

“You are worried that I am going to take Owen from you.”

11-18-18_3-35-01 PM

Kyle didn’t need to respond. Patrick knew he was right.

“You don’t need to worry about that. Owen and I were talking before you came in. I know he loves you. I also know that Andy loves you. Once the triplets get to know you, I’m sure they will love you also.”

“You are okay with that?”

Patrick smiled and nodded. “Owen and I are always going to love each other. We have the kids that will always connect us. Things are different now. He has you. Me…well I have a lot of things I need to figure out before I even think about getting involved with someone again. For now, I am going to focus on being the best father to the kids that I can be. I would like it if the two of us could be friends. It would make things less awkward and make Owen happy.”

Kyle knew it would make Owen happy to have them get along. “I guess we could try.”


3:49 Fall


Zaiden had been found outside the campgrounds. He was taken to the hospital by Daniel’s men. Daniel, Anthony, and several more men followed the blood trail through the campground to one of the cabins. They saw the chair in the middle of the room and the ropes on the floor. The chair and floor were covered in blood.

“It looks like this is where he was being held. Beaten and shot here. Dumped at the entrance.”

Anthony nodded agreeing with his brother. “They probably thought he was dead when they dumped him.”

“I thought he was dead when we found him.” Daniel looked at his older brother. “This is the second time he has been shot.”

“I know.”

“Oh yeah. Retired cop. I forgot.”

Anthony looked at his brother and frowned. “I did not enjoy arresting you that night, Daniel. I didn’t want our first meeting to be in handcuffs.”

“That’s in the past. Right now we need to focus on finding the bitch who tried to kill our sister’s husband.”

“You know there’s only one way to stop her, right?”

Daniel nodded and looked at his brother. “Are you prepared for that?”

“I may be a retired cop, but I’m still Tony Corleonesi’s son.”

11-15-18_12-58-18 AM

Raelyn sat in the hospital’s waiting room yet again. This felt a lot like the first time, yet it was different. This time she was surrounded by her children and grandchildren. Last time they knew the shot to the chest was survivable. This time Zaiden had been shot in the head. The chances of him surviving this were not good.

Raelyn squeezed Owen’s hand. “Stop blaming yourself. You would not have been able to stop him from going. You know how your father is.”

“I know. I shouldn’t have told him.”

“He would have found out from somebody, honey.”

11-15-18_1-00-33 AM

Kenya toddled over to them. “Papa?”

Raelyn smiled at her granddaughter. “Your papa will be here soon. He is helping look for bad people.”

Kenya looked at her dad then at her grandma. “Papa bad?”

Owen shook his head. “Papa good. He will be here soon.”

11-15-18_1-05-34 AM

Kenya gave her dad a hug. “Lub you, Daddy.”

Owen hugged her back. “I love you too, baby girl.”

They watched her go back to the others. Kyle was reading to the kids to keep them occupied.

“How is Kyle handling Patrick being back?”

“Not well. He’s worried that I will go back to Patrick.”

“How do you feel?”

“I will always love Patrick. He was my first love. We have four amazing children together.” He watched his kids and his niece set listening the story Kyle was reading to them. He smiled when Kyle looked up from the book at him. “I will always love Patrick, but I am no longer in love with him. I am in love with Kyle. I plan to have him in my life for a very long time.”

Raelyn was happy for her son. She liked Kyle. He made her son happy and was great with the kids.

11-15-18_3-19-17 AM

Patrick stayed hidden in the shadows with the two men Daniel had sent with him. They were listening to a conversation between his husband and his mother.

“You promised that you could make him want to be with me again.”

“He married you, didn’t he?”

“Only because he was drugged and not able to say no.”

11-15-18_3-20-21 AM

“I don’t see why you are bitching about this. I took care of the hard part for you. The deal was you help me get out of prison and I would help you get my son back. You have him. It is up to you to keep him.”

“I don’t have him though. He is still in love with that ex-husband of his. He’s not in love with me.”

“Then get rid of the guy. It’s not that complicated.”

“Then I’ll be stuck with all those brats.”

Rowana rolled her eyes. “Then get rid of them too. Take them to your sister. Didn’t you say she was their egg donor?”

“That doesn’t change the fact that he hates me.”

“He doesn’t love you because he loves his ex-husband. Get rid of the competition. You just put a bullet in one man’s head. Do the same to his son. Show Patrick how serious you are about having him in your life.”

Patrick couldn’t believe the things he was hearing. His own mother was telling Teague to get rid of his kids. He had always known that she was a horrible mother, but this made her a monster.

He looked at the two men and nodded. He had heard more than enough. More of Daniel’s men had joined them and rushed the two.

Daniel put his hand on Patrick’s shoulder. “You okay?”

Patrick nodded. “I want to see them both.”

Daniel nodded and walked with him. He stood back with Anthony keeping an eye on things.

11-15-18_3-29-56 AM

Patrick looked over at his mother then walked to Teague. He cupped his husband’s face in his hands and leaned close like he was going to kiss him. Instead he looked him in the eye.

“You were my best friend. You were my first love and my first heartbreak. You are the uncle of my children. I could have loved you again if you had only given me time to deal with my divorce.”

He took a step back and put his hand on Teague’s chest. “At one time I craved your body and your touch.”

He slid his hand to the front of Teague’s pants. “I wanted you more than I wanted anything else. Even after you broke my heart, I wanted you. Then I met a man who picked up the pieces and made my heart whole again. You didn’t like that though, did you? You had to go and stick your dick in what was mine.”

He squeezed Teague’s dick as hard as he could making him cry out in pain and brought tears to his eyes. “If that wasn’t enough, you fucked his sister too.”

Daniel took a step toward them. “He what?”

“He is Rosie’s father.” He looked back at Teague. “You drugged me to get me to marry you. You used my children to get me to do what you wanted. You threatened the lives of my children to keep me in your bed. I did not want to be in your bed, and I sure didn’t want to fuck you. Thankfully, I will never to again. Neither will anybody else. I’m done with you.”

He stepped back then pulled his fist back. The punch sent Teague’s head snapping back.

He watched Daniel and a few of the men drag Teague to another room. He had seen Daniel hold his hand out and one of the men put a knife in his hand. It wasn’t more than a few seconds later that they heard the screams turn muffled followed by the single gun shot and the thud of the body hitting the floor.

11-15-18_3-36-46 AM

Patrick turned to his mother.” I have been waiting a long time to tell you exactly how I feel about you.”

“I am your mother. Don’t do this.”

Patrick shook his head. “You are not my mother. A mother loves her children. A mother does not tell her child that she would have aborted him if she had known that his father wasn’t the man with the bank account. A mother would never beat her child when the child only asked for a hug. A mother wouldn’t set her son up to be drugged and raped every night. A mother wouldn’t sell her son for her own freedom.”

Anthony was disgusted by the things this woman did to her own son.

“Raelyn has been more of a mother to me than you ever were.”

He saw Daniel and the men return. He thought of the things this woman had taken from him.

“If I was never born a lot of people would not be hurting right now.” He took the gun from his pocket. “You used me to hurt a lot of people I care about. If I weren’t here, you couldn’t hurt anyone again. You would lose your power.”

Daniel took a step toward him as he put the gun to his own head. “Patrick, don’t do this. Think of your kids.”

Patrick never took his eyes off his mother. “Without me, her ability to hurt your family is gone, Daniel. She won’t be able to hurt me anymore.”

“If you do this, you are the one who would be hurting people.” He reached out slowly and wrapped his hand around Patrick’s wrist and pulled it away from his head. “If you do this, you will hurt me. Hasn’t she already taken enough people I love from me? You are part of my family and I love you. Don’t let her take you from me also.”

Patrick looked at Daniel. “She took your wife and daughters from you.”

Daniel nodded. He still felt the pain of losing them. “She did.”

“I can’t let her take anyone else.”

What happened next was nothing like what Daniel had planned or expected. In the end Rowana laid dead on the floor…shot by her own son.

3:48 F**king Perfect

Owen held Kyle’s hand tight as they waited. They had gone back to the house like Daniel told them to do. He was out looking for Zaiden. Grace was with their mother waiting.

They both jumped when someone knocked on the door. Owen rushed to the door hoping to see his father and his son. The only person there was Patrick. He was in really rough shape.

Owen let him insid hwile Kyle went to the kitchen for ice.

“He was waiting when I got back tot he room. He knew I talked to you.”

Kyle handed him the ice. As badly beaten as the guy was, he probably should go to the hospital.

“They plan to kill your father.”

Owen sat down beside Kyle. His father was walking into a trap he wouldn’t get out of.

“Where’s Andy?”

“They took  him. My dad left the hospital to trade himself for our son.”

“The hospital?”

“He had a heart attack. Kyle and I were packing to come home when you slid the note under the door.”

Andy came running through the door followed by the triplets and Anthony.

Owen hugged his son tight. He looked at his uncle. “Dad?”

Anthony shook his head. “The kids were left in a park. Your father was gone when we got there. We have everybody out looking for him.” He promised to keep them updated then left to help with the search.

Owen noticed that the triplets hid behind Patrick. Kenya kept peeking at him. “Daddy missed you.”

Kenya jumped into his arms and hugged him. “No more go way?”

Owen shook his head. “Never again.”

Seeing that their sister was fine, the other two decided they wanted hugs too.

Kyle watched the family together. He knew this put Patrick back in Owen’s life.

“Daddy, is Papa going to live with us again?”

Owen looked at Patrick. “Do you have somewhere to stay?”

“I’ll get a room at the hotel until I find something.”

Owen shook his head. “You can’t stay at a hotel. That is not the right environment for the kids. I will talk to my uncle. You can stay there. My mom can help with the kids.”

For a few minutes, Kyle had been afraid he was going to let Patrick stay there. He wasn’t comfortable with the idea of the three of them living together.

Kyle looked at the little girl who climbed up to sit beside him. “I am going to guess that you are Teresa.”

“Are you Daddy too?”

Kyle shook his head. “I work for your daddy. I draw the pictures that go with the stories that your daddy write.”

Owen frowned as he listened to Kyle. “Can I talk to you in the office?”

Kyle followed him to the other room.

“What was that about? You work for me? Is that how you see us?”

“Now that Patrick and the kids are back…”

“Stop. You think I would push you aside and go back to him? We have been together for two years, Kyle. Haven’t you figured out by now how I feel about you?”

“How am I supposed to know for sure how you feel when you never tell me?”

Owen softly caressed Kyle’s cheek. “It is hard for me to say those words. My heart was broken and it made me question what I thought I knew about love.” He looked into Kyle’s eyes. “A part of me will always love Patrick. He was my first love and we have children together. You are the main that I am in love with. You are the man that I want to fall asleep with every night and wake up with every morning. I love you, Kyle, and don’t you ever think otherwise.”

Kyle smiled at his words. “You said you love me.”

Owen nodded and smiled. “I did, and I will say it again. I love you, Kyle Palmer.”


3:47 Easy For You

11-11-18_3-52-51 PM

Owen was setting with his dad while his mom went home for a shower. Kyle was setting beside him talking to Zaiden.

Zaiden watched the two of them together and smiled. “Have the two of you talked about getting married yet?”

Owen looked at Kyle then at his father. “No, Dad, we haven’t. I think we are both happy with our relationship the way it is right now.”

11-11-18_3-54-33 PM

Kyle nodded and leaned against Owen a bit. “I love your son, Mr. Maynard. I know about his past and I don’t want to rush him into anything that he may not be ready for. As long as he wants me in his life, I will be here.”

Owen kissed Kyle’s cheek. “I plan to keep you in my life for a very long time.”

11-11-18_3-58-12 PM

Owen felt the phone vibrate in his pocket. He pulled it out and checked the text. It said it was from Patrick but he knew it was more likely to be from Teague or Rowana.

He read the text then showed it to Kyle.

“You need to send that to your uncle.”

Owen quickly forwarded the text to his Uncle Daniel.

Zaiden watched the two of them. “Is something wrong? Don’t tell me you are working for your uncle.”

“I’m not. He is helping me with something.”

“If you had to go to Daniel for help, it must be something either illegal or dangerous. What have you done that you need his help with?”

“I didn’t do anything. I promise.”

Something is going on. I know the work your uncle does. Tell me what is going on.”

11-11-18_4-08-17 PM

Owen knew that his dad would stay on him until someone told him. He had no choice. “Rowana escaped prison.”

“And your uncle is trying to find her?” He watched Owen nod. “I know there’s more. What else?”

“She has Andy and the triplets.”

“Let me see the text.”

Owen shook his head.”

“Owen, let me see the text.”

He handed the phone to his father.

Zaiden read the text, handed the phone back to his son, then started pulling the monitor wires from his body.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m giving her what she wants.”

“You can’t do this, Dad.”

“That text says that for you to get your son back, I have to meet her. We both know what she did to Patrick. I won’t let her do the same to my grandson.”

Owen knew he wasn’t going to be able to stop him. “Take Uncle Daniel with you. Please.”

“No. If I don’t go alone she could get angry and someone could get killed. I am not taking that chance.


3:46 Fade Away

11-11-18_1-19-05 PM

Kyle sat with Owen holding his hand.

“We shouldn’t have gone on the damn tour. Every time we do, something happens.”

Raelyn heard that her son was there and went looking for him. She saw him with Kyle and Daniel. She hurried over to hug him but stopped when she saw the look on his face.

Daniel caught his sister’s arm before she could get to Owen. “Give them a few minutes. He just got bad news.”

Raelyn looked at her brother. “What happened?”

“Rowana escaped from prison. She has the triplets…and Andy.”

11-11-18_1-21-19 PM

She pushed past her brother and went to her son. She wrapped her arms around him. “We will find them and bring all of them home.”

“How’s Dad?”

“Your father is resting. Grace is sitting in there with him right now. The heart attack wasn’t as bad as they first thought.”

“We can’t tell Dad about this. It might make him worse.”

“You know I won’t keep any more secrets from him, but I won’t tell him unless he asks.”

Owen knew that was the best he would get from her. He handed her the picture he had gotten from Patrick.

“They are so beautiful.” She thought about how upset her son had been a couple years earlier when he got the text telling him the kids were dead. That pissed her off. “Why would Patrick tell you they were dead if they weren’t?”

“He didn’t. Teague sent that text.” He explained to his mother what Patrick had told him.

“That woman will stop at nothing to her her hands on your father. Using her own son and grandchildren like this…”

11-11-18_1-22-12 PM

Grace walked over to the group. “Dad is awake and asking for you, Mom. I am going to call home and check on Rosie.”

11-11-18_1-23-11 PM

“I sent someone to get her and bring her here. Call your roommates and tell them that a man named Troy will be picking her up.”

Grace looked at their uncle. “Why is she coming here? What is going on?”

“Rowana escaped from prison. She is after Dad again. She has Andy and the triplets.”

“And she could be after my daughter too?”

Owen nodded. “Teague is working with her.”

11-11-18_1-24-17 PM

Grace sat down and shook her head. “Hasn’t that man fucked with out family enough? He drugged and raped you. He knocked me up. When is he going to leave us alone?”

Raelyn’s head whipped around to her daughter. “Are you pregnant again?”

Grace shook her head. “Teague is Rosie’s father.”

Raelyn looked at the others. None of them seemed surprised. “You all knew?”

Owen nodded. “We don’t want Dad to know. He would go after Teague. I don’t think Dad would be so lucky at a second murder trial.”

Raelyn understood why they didn’t tell her. “You know that if you father asks, I have to tell him. I won’t lie to him.”

Grace nodded. “We know.”

“Is there anything else that I need to know and you two are keeping from me?”

Grace shook her head. Owen looked over at Kyle before looking back at his mom. “I’ll talk to you about it later, Mom.”

“I am going back in the room. Owen, come with me. Your dad will be happy to see you.” She looked at her brother. “You find a way to bring my grandkids home.”


3:45 Dust In The Wind

11-11-18_2-27-25 AM

Owen listened to his Uncle Anthony.

“I will call Dakota and have her or Derick pick up Andy. He will only get bored setting at the hospital. We are only a few hours from home so I’ll rent a car and we’ll be there as soon as we can.”

Kyle was already packing their things while Owen was on the phone. He frowned when he saw a piece of paper being shoved under the door. He picked it up and saw Owen’s name on it. He waited until he was off the phone to hand it to him.

“Patrick’s handwriting.” He read the note quickly. “I’ll be right back.”

Kyle frowned as he watched him leave the room.

11-11-18_1-16-03 AM

Owen found Patrick exactly where the note said.

“I only have a few minutes before he realizes I am gone. You have to listen to me. That text, I didn’t send it. Teague did so you would stop texting. The kids are fine. Well I hope they are. They are with my mother. If they find out I am talking to you, they will kill me and the kids.” He handed Owen a recent picture of the kids. “Keep Andy and Tayler safe. My mother will use them to get to your father.”

He started to leave then turned back to Owen. “I hope he makes you happy. You deserve it.”

Before Owen could say anything Patrick was gone. He would have thought he had imagined it if it wasn’t for the picture in his hand.

He walked back to the room still thinking about what he was told. He called his Uncle Daniel and told him what was going on. Daniel said he would take care of things and for him to watch his back on the drive home.

Kyle had heard part of the call when Owen came in. “What is going on, Owen?”

Owen handed him the picture.

Kyle looked at the picture then at Owen. “Is this…?”

“Teresa, Cameron and Kenya. I’ll explain in the car.”

11-11-18_11-31-01 AM

At the hospital Anthony pulled Owen and Kyle aside to a corner of the waiting room. “They have Andy.”