3:36 Get The Party Started

10-30-18_4-07-04 PM

Owen didn’t know why he let himself get his hopes up. He should have known this would be another promise broken. He couldn’t wait to hear what excuse he had this time.

He looked at Andy thinking about everything.

“Do you want another piece of cake?”

“That piece is Papa’s.”

“It is your birthday. I think he will understand.”

Andy looked at the cake then at his dad. “Papa’s not coming, is he?”

Owen shook his head. “I don’t think he is. I’m sorry.”

Andy thought about it then looked at Owen. “Then it is just me and you until time to go to Mama’s house.”

Owen smiled at his son. “Me and you.”

“Can we play the video games you bought?”

“If that is what you want to do.”

10-30-18_5-56-35 PM

Dakota pulled Owen aside so they could talk without Andy and Tayler overhearing.

“Have you heard from Patrick?”

“Not since the day of their big announcement.”

“Me either. Neither has Aliyah. I can’t reach my brother either. It’s not like him to not return my calls.”

Owen frowned as he thought about it. “I think it may be time to file a report with the police.”

Dakota nodded. Something was wrong. She could feel it. “I hope wherever they are, they are all right.”

10-30-18_6-03-08 PM

“I want our babies to come home. I miss them.”

“So do I.” He put his arms around Dakota comforting her. “I am sure they are okay. Patrick is a great father. He won’t let anything happen to them.”

“He wasn’t going to voice his worries about Teague. He was her brother. She was already upset enough.

“I will be taking Andy to visit his grandparents after we leave here. I will drop him off then we can go make the report. I think it is best not to say anything to the kids right now.”

Dakota nodded in agreement. “Let’s find out what is going on first.”

“I’ll talk to my Uncle Daniel and see if he can find out anything too.”

“I know you don’t like Teague, and you have good reason, but…”

“He’s your brother. I understand. Have you talked to your other brother?”

“Jonas? Yeah. He hasn’t heard from him either.”

10-30-18_6-12-42 PM

He frowned thinking about it. It was like they had all disappeared. He decided to try something. He sent a text to Patrick telling him that he loved him.

“If I get a reply back, I will let you know.”

Dakota nodded. “I will let you know if I hear from them.”

They went back to focusing on the kids. It was an hour later when his phone rang. He looked at the ID then at Dakota and shook his head.

He talked to his sister for a few minutes before handing the phone to Andy so Grace could wish him a happy birthday.

“He’ll text back. I know he will.”


6 thoughts on “3:36 Get The Party Started

  1. I hope Patrick and the children are okay.
    I hope Patrick is not going to be like his mom. I am beginning to wonder if he plan to hurt Owen all along, afterall, Owen’s dad was suppose to be his dad. Maybe in his mind Owen took his place. Some of his mom’s insane behavior may have rub off on him.

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    1. What is going on with Patrick will be coming out in future chapters. I already have them written. Just need screen shots for them. I have almost all of the rest of this generation written actually. I think I only have 11 more chapters to write. It ends at chapter 72.


      1. This story is far from over. I’m trying to run the alphabet. So still 23 generations to go with this one. lol I have some big things planned for them. Already have outlines for generations 4 and half of 5. They are flexible to fit either boy or girl depending on what the game gives me.


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