3:33 Broken By You

10-22-18_2-42-15 PM

Owen sat the last of the triplets’ things by the door. Patrick would be there soon to pick them up.

The divorce was final. It had taken longer than Owen had hoped it would. Part of the problem was Patrick fighting the divorce. Part was the judge trying to decide custody for the kids. In the end, Owen was granted custody of Andy. Patrick was granted custody of the triplets, Teresa, Kenya, and Cameron.

They both agreed that they wanted the kids to grow up knowing each other. Since Owen had no desire to see Patrick it was arrange with Dakota and Derick that the kids would be with them on Saturdays for a few hours. Things could be adjusted later as the kids got older.

Aliyah had sent Owen a text asking if they could meet somewhere. He never replied. He didn’t want to talk to her. He was still upset about her and Patrick sleeping together. She could have told him about it just as easily as Patrick could have. The two of them made him look like a fool.

Andy watched his father. “I go with Papa too?”

Owen shook his head. “You are staying with me.”

He knew that Andy was too young to understand what was going on. It was hard enough for adults to understand.

10-22-18_3-12-33 PM

He heard the car pull up and knew it was Patrick. He opened the door as he saw him step onto the porch.

“Papa!” Andy ran to Patrick who knelt down to hug him. “You come home, Papa?”

Patrick looked at Owen. “That is up to your daddy.”

10-22-18_3-13-15 PM

“Don’t do that. Don’t make me the bad guy when you were the one who messed up.”

“I’m never going to stop trying to get you back. I love you. We belong together.”

He reached for Owen’s hand but it was pulled away.

“They were fed about an hour ago. Teresa has a diaper rash. Cameron is fussy today. He is teething.”

Patrick sighed and listened. It was clear that Owen wasn’t ready to give him a second chance yet.

Owen helped load the car with the triplets’ things.

“May I have a moment to say goodbye to them?”

“Of course.”

There was never any question of how much Owen loved the babies. Patrick knew how much this was hurting him and it hurt him to know that he was the cause of it.


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