3:32 End Of The Road

10-21-18_10-11-29 PM

Zaiden hung up the phone and sighed. He couldn’t set on this information, but two people he cared a lot for was going to be hurt.

“Honey, are you able to go with me to visit the boys?”

Raelyn nodded but frowned when she saw the look on her husband’s face. “What’s wrong?”

He didn’t want to tell her yet. He needed her to be the calm one right now. “Let me talk to Patrick first, then I will tell you what is going on.”

Even though she was curious, she nodded. She knew that he wouldn’t keep it from her without a good reason. He wasn’t the type of person who kept secrets from her.

10-21-18_11-18-49 PM

While Raelyn was with Owen helping with the kids, Zaiden sat in the living room talking to Patrick.

“You know I had someone trying to find out who released that video?”

10-21-18_11-34-21 PM

Patrick nodded. “It was Teague, wasn’t it?”

“It was, but that is not why I am here. My guy found out something else. Something about you.”

Patrick looked down at the floor. He had a bad feeling that Zaiden knew what he had done.

“I am giving you the chance to talk to me first, Patrick. I haven’t told Raelyn or anybody else what I know.”

“This is about Aliyah and Taylor, isn’t it?”

“Why did you do it, Patrick?”

10-21-18_11-36-16 PM

“I didn’t do it to hurt anybody. I swear. When we were trying and failing at the invitro every month, I saw what it was doing to Owen. Every time the test came back negative, he blamed himself. He was crying himself to sleep every night. It hurt me to see him hurting like that.

Zaiden hadn’t realized how hard the process had been for them. The boys hadn’t told them they were even trying until Dakota was already pregnant.

10-21-18_11-37-32 PM

“I wanted to give Owen the baby he wanted.”

“So you went behind Owen’s back and did invitro with Aliyah?”

Patrick shook his head. “I couldn’t spend that much money without Owen finding out.”

“You slept with her?”

Patrick nodded. “I didn’t enjoy it.”

“That is not the point. You slept with a woman who has been friends with your husband since they were children, then abandoned her and your daughter. You destroyed a friendship that had been there long before you came into the picture.”

“I know, and I am very sorry about that.”

“I am not the person you need to apologize to. You have to tell Owen.”

“No need. I heard.”

Neither of them had known that Owen had come out of the nursery.

“I was getting a bottle for one of the girls. Dad, can you take a bottle in and help mom? I would like to talk to me…to Patrick alone.”

10-21-18_11-38-51 PM

Once they were alone, Owen sat in one of the chairs.

“I’m sorry.

“You promised there would be no more lies or secrets.”

“I know. I’m sorry.”

Stop saying you are sorry. The only thing you are sorry about is getting caught. You had plenty of chances to tell me. We could have worked it out.”

“We still can.”

Owen shook his head. “It is too late for that. She was pregnant before Dakota was. That means she was already pregnant before I left for the book tour. Before I…”

Owen looked at Patrick. “Now I understand why you were so understanding about Teague. You had already done the same thing.”

Patrick shook his head. “You did it because you were drugged and had no control over what you were doing. I did it to give you…”

10-21-18_11-39-31 PM

“Don’t you dare say you did it for me. You did it for yourself. You were tired of seeing me unhappy so you decided to do something about it. Something you should have talked to me about first.”

“You are right.”

“You had the chance to come clean about this when I told you about Teague, but you didn’t. Maybe then we could have worked things out.”

“We still can.”

Owen shook his head. “You had your chance. Now it’s too late.”

“Please, don’t do this to me…to us. I love you. I don’t want to lose you.”

“You should have thought about that before you decided to do this. You were able to make that choice on your own. You should be able to make the rest of your choices alone also. You already proved that you don’t need me.”


“I am going to go check on the kids. When I come back out here, I want you gone.”

“I can’t just walk away from you and the kids.”

“Yes you can. You already walked away from Tayler. Why should we be any different?”

10-22-18_12-56-05 AM

Owen went back into the nursery. His dad went back out to the living room.

Raelyn looked at her son. “Are you okay, honey?”

Owen shook his head. “I don’t want to talk about it, Mom. I just want to be alone right now.”


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