3:30 Every Rose Has Its Thorn

10-18-18_1-13-00 AM

Owen knew that Grace had been joking when she said it, but after thinking about it, he wrote a book about what happened on the book tour. He had heard that it was doing okay with sales. That was why he was so surprised when he got the phone call from Maeve.

“Have you looked at the list today?”

“No. Should I?”

“No need. I can tell you myself. Touch of Fire is the third top selling book this week.”

“How? Last week it wasn’t even in the top 100.”

“It has to be the video pushing sales. It was genius. I wish I would have thought of it. To release a sex video the same time as a book about sex…”

Owen could feel the blood drain from his face. “Sex tape?”

“I will send you the link. You should thank whoever posted it. They did you a huge favor.”

10-18-18_2-04-04 AM

Owen hung up even though Maeve was still talking. He clicked the link in the text she sent him. He watched the video in shock. He thought Teague had only mentioned the video to scare him. He didn’t think one actually existed. There it was. Exactly how he remembered that night.

He closed the video and sighed. Despite the high boost in sales, this was not a good thing. That video makes it look like he was cheating on his husband and a very willing participant. It didn’t show that he had been drugged in order to make it look that way.

He heard the doorbell and sighed. Patrick was at work. He knew it was most likely his father bringing Andy home from his play date with his cousins.

10-18-18_2-09-03 AM

As soon as Owen opened the door, Zaiden could tell something was wrong. He sent Andy to his room to play so he could talk to Owen. “What’s wrong?”

Owen pulled the video up on his phone and handed it to his dad. “Because of that, my book is number three on the best sellers list this week.”

Zaiden couldn’t watch more than a few seconds of the video. He handed the phone back. “Do you think Teague released it?”

“Who else would have? He is the one that had the video.”

“He may have sent it to someone. I will check into it.”

Owen nodded. He was really regretting the book now.


8 thoughts on “3:30 Every Rose Has Its Thorn

      1. I think Derick would believe her over Owen? Maybe….but it was Teague that put it out there…his sister’s going to be super upset! He probably has a video of their tent shenanigans..

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      2. If he has video of himself and Grace, and it gets out, Teague will be a dead man. Zaiden will go after him. He’s only still alive now because Zaiden does not know he screwed his baby girl.

        Liked by 1 person

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