3:28 All At Once

10-13-18_6-32-05 PM

Dakota looked over at Derick a bit worried. “Do you think they are going to be okay with this?”

“With the party or the reveal?”

“The reveal.”

Derick thought about his two friends before answering. “I think they are going to be fine.”

10-13-18_6-32-18 PM

“Aliyah won’t be here. She says she has nobody to watch Tayler.”

Derick looked at Dakota. “She knows that she can bring Tayler. Andy would love a playmate.”

“There’s something weird going on with her.”

“Has she told you yet who Tayler’s father is?”

Dakota shook her head. “No, but I am pretty sure it is Shane. Tayler has the same blonde hair. Plus she always had that crush on him. They did date for a few months before she suddenly broke up with him. Now she won’t hang out with any of us. All fingers are pointing to Shane being Tayler’s father.”

“I don’t think it’s, Shane. He claims they never slept together.” He thought about it then looked at her. “What about your brother?”

“Teague?” Dakota shook her head. “She’s not his type. Wrong equipment.”

“That’s right. He’s into guys, not girls.”

10-13-18_7-03-43 PM

The conversation ended when their guests started arriving.

Dakota gave Owen and Patrick hugs, then smiled at Andy. “How is my favorite little boy, doing today?”

Andy gave Dakota a hug. “Hi, Mama.” He handed her the flower that he had picked in Zaiden’s greenhouse.”

“Did you pick this for me?” She watched Andy nod. “Will you help me put it in some water?”

Owen watched Andy go with Dakota to the kitchen. He looked at Derick and smiled. “Thank you for suggesting Dakota to us. We could not have picked a better person if we tried.”

“I should actually be thanking you for using her. It has shown me how wonderful of a mother she is going to be to our own children. She loves Andy.”

“I am glad we decided to let her stay in his life.”

“What made you decide that anyway? I know that rarely happens.”

“My grandmother. I knew how hard it was for her to walk away. Plus, if I didn’t let her stay in his life, I would have lost my best friend since you married her.”

Derick gave Owen a hug. “We have been friends forever. I couldn’t imagine you not being here.”

10-13-18_7-53-03 PM

Andy ran over to Derick and hugged his leg. “Unle Dewik, Mama say cak.”

Derick looked at Dakota who nodded and smiled. “It’s time for cake.”

Everybody followed them to the kitchenette where three cakes sat on the counter. They were labeled Baby 1, Baby 2, and Baby 3.

Owen looked over at Patrick. “Triplets.”


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