3:27 Calm Before The Storm

10-07-18_5-11-58 PM

Grace had left for college. She was living in the dorms. She said something about wanting the complete college experience and that included living on campus. 

Zaiden and Raelyn walked into Grace’s room intending to clean it up They were surprised by what they found.

Raelyn saw the note on the dresser and read it out loud.

“It’s not right for Owen and Patrick to have to keep Andy in their room when my room is being unused. I put my things in storage and bought a few things for my nephew. Love you all and see you at the holidays.”

Raelyn looked at Zaiden. “Our baby girl…”

Zaiden nodded and smiled. “We should get the boys and let them see Andy’s new room.”

10-07-18_5-18-59 PM

Owen and Patrick looked around the room. Andy stood beside the blocks. 


Zaiden nodded and smiled at his grandson. “Yours.”

“How did Grace do this without any of us knowing?”

“She had to have done it while we were all out somewhere. Maybe when we were visiting your grandfather yesterday?”

“Maybe. I will call her later and thank her for doing this for us.”


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