I posted all of this on the forum, but I know a few of you do not read over there so I will post here also.

The story is on an indefinite hiatus. I am hoping it will not be a long one. Something came up in my family today that needs my attention at the moment. It will cause a change in the story when I do resume.

I have decided that when I resume the story, Patrick’s father will no longer be mentioned. He is the SimSelfie of someone very close to me in my life and today’s events are way too close to story events. No churches were blown up and nobody died, but someone was hurt and someone is in jail awaiting court in the morning. So because of that, I will no longer be using any characters based on anybody I know.

So let’s just assume that Zaiden managed to get him out of prison and he moved away to live quietly somewhere and is never heard from again.

Once I know what is going on tomorrow and get things straight in my head, I’ll resume the story.

8 thoughts on “Hiatus

    1. Thanks. My biggest worry right now is on my 16 year old nephew. He is setting in a cell at JDC right now because he was protecting someone else. The adults would not stop the bullying so he did and now is paying for it. 😢

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      1. I broke a boy’s nose and had assault charges filed. It was at school. I told everyone many times and finally I just snapped, that is why I am home schooled.

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