3:25 I Can’t Do It Without You

09-30-18_1-15-29 PM

Owen and Patrick still spent a lot of time hanging out with Derick and Dakota. They took Andy with them most of the time. They had decided not to hide the truth about who Dakota is from Andy. Since she married Derick and Derick is Owen’s best friend, it made sense that they would see each other a lot.

Derick put Andy down on the sofa and kept him entertained by making faces at him. Owen loved hearing his little boy giggle. It had to be the best sound in the world.

09-30-18_1-20-12 PM

Dakota looked at Owen and smiled. “His check up went well?”

Owen nodded and smiled. “It went great. He got his shots and didn’t even cry. He was a big boy at the pediatricians. They said that he is very healthy.”

Dakota was very happy to hear that. “Derick and I have been talking. We want to start our own family soon…” She looked down at the floor and sighed. “If you still want to use me after what my brother did to you…”

Owen took her hand in his and looked at her. “What happened is between me and Teague. It has no affect on my relationship with you.”

She looked up at him and smiled. “If the two of you are ready to be parents again, I think now would be the best time.”

Owen looked over at Patrick who nodded and smiled. He looked at Andy. “What do you think, Andy. You ready to be a big brother?”

Andy looked at his dad and clapped his hands.

“I’m going to assume that is a yes.”

09-30-18_1-21-47 PMAndy climbed off the sofa and walked over to Dakota on his shaky legs. He had just started walking a few days earlier so still landed on his butt a lot.

Dakota leaned down and hugged the boy. “Mama loves you, Andy.”

Andy gave her a sloppy kiss on her cheek. “Mama wuv Anny.”

Owen smiled watching the two of them. He knew that choosing Dakota to be their surrogate and allowing her to remain a part of Andy’s life was a good choice.


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