3:24 Hollow Talk

09-29-18_5-57-24 PM

Grace was finally talking to everybody again. Owen had heard her talking to Andy and telling him how happy she was that they were there because she had missed them and enjoyed spending time with them. Of course she would never say that to Owen, but she didn’t mind if he over heard.

On one of the rare nights that everybody was at home and able to spend time together watching a movie, Owen looked at everybody and smiled.

Grace saw him watching everybody. “Is something wrong?”

Owen shook his head. “Just thinking about how lucky I am to have all  of you.”

“Why wouldn’t you have us? We’re your family.”

09-29-18_6-02-05 PM

He smiled when she said that. “You all are the best family anybody could have. You all have been so supportive with this mess with Teague.”

Raelyn looked at her son. “Honey, we know you wouldn’t sleep with some random guy at a bar. We know you aren’t that kind of person.”

“Thanks, Mom.”

09-29-18_6-02-53 PM

Grace looked at her brother and smiled. 

“Maybe you can write a book about what happened. Like change the names of course, but it could be like a warning to others or something. Like what Grandpa did with Grandma’s diaries.”

Owen thought about that. Would he really want to write about what happened to him?


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