3:22 All I Need To Know

09-27-18_10-19-24 PM

He knew something was wrong with Owen. He had no clue what it was, but it really worried him. 

Every time he tried to get close, Owen pulled away. He was lucky if he could even get a kiss from his husband lately. 

He hoped that Owen wasn’t regretting the two of them getting married. That would break his heart. He really loved Owen. Maybe they moved too fast though. He had other relationships before, one that he thought was serious, but he knew that this was the first for Owen. Maybe the book tour made Owen realize what he was missing out on with other men.

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He heard Owen come in. He could see that the walk only made whatever he was feeling even worse. He was hoping that was not a bad sign, but knew not to get his hopes up too much.

He watched as Owen walked over to the bed and sat down.

“Did you have a nice walk?”

Owen ignored the question and looked down at his hands. “We need to talk.”

09-27-18_10-23-47 PM

Patrick watched him twist his wedding ring around on his finger and sighed. Even though he agreed, he was afraid of what this talk was going to be about and what it was going to do to them in the end. He was really hoping that it was not as bad as he was making it out to be in his mind.

He nodded and looked over at Owen.

“I know something isn’t right between us. I’ve felt it since you got home from the tour. I just don’t know what that something is or how to fix it unless you tell me what is wrong.”

Owen wasn’t even sure where to start to tell him. He didn’t want to hurt Patrick, but he could see that he was anyway by not telling him. He wasn’t being fair to Patrick. 

09-27-18_10-26-34 PM

“Something happened on the book tour. Something I regret.”

Patrick knew it. He had met someone else. “Another man?”

Owen nodded his head and looked at his hands again.

“Did you sleep with him?”

Owen nodded again. “I’m sorry.”

09-27-18_10-26-41 PM

“Why did you do it?”

“I don’t know.”

Patrick looked at him not sure if he believed that. “You slept with another man and you don’t know why?”

Owen nodded. “I was met him at one of the parties. He was making the drinks. I was talking to him and he was flirty big time. I told him I was married and not interested. I thought that was the end of it because he backed off with the flirty. I had another drink, and the next thing I know he said he wanted to go back to the room and I followed without a fight. I have no clue why. It wasn’t what I wanted, but at that moment, what I wanted didn’t seem to matter.”

Patrick listened to Owen. It sounded a lot like the things that his mother had done to both of their fathers.

“You said he was making the drinks?”

Owen nodded. “I only had two drinks. Not enough to be drunk enough to not have control of myself.”

09-27-18_10-26-55 PM

“I think he may have drugged one of your drinks, or both of them.”

Owen hadn’t thought of that being the reason he had slept with Teague. “Do you think so?”

Patrick nodded. “My mother used to do it to my dad to get him to do things he didn’t want to do. I was talking to your dad about it that day he helped me move our things to the new apartment.”

Owen thought about that and it made sense. “I really did not want to sleep with Teague. You are the only man I have ever wanted to be with.”

09-27-18_10-27-01 PM

“Did you say his name was Teague?” Patrick hadn’t expected to hear that name come from Owen’s mouth.

Owen nodded. “Teague Ainsworth.”

“Dakota’s brother…” Patrick closed his eyes and ran has hand through his hair. “Of all the men…”

Owen frowned as he listened. “Dakota’s brother? You know Teague?”

Patrick nodded. “He used to be my best friend.”

“Used to be?”

“Yeah. He was also my first lover. We were still teenagers then. He wasn’t ready to come out yet though and decided that the two of us being together was too much of a risk for his reputation. He really broke my heart.”

“How long ago did you two break up?”

“About a year before I met you. After meeting you, I realized that what I had with Teague was nothing compared to what I have with you.”

09-27-18_10-30-59 PM

Patrick kissed Owen softly. “We will get through this. I am glad you finally told me so we can handle this together now.”

Owen was glad also. He felt much better now that Patrick knew. “I wanted to tell you. Started to several times but something always happened.”

Patrick remembered several times when Owen said he needed to talk to him and then something came up that delayed the talk. “No more tours without me.”

Owen smiled and nodded. “I have a better idea. No more tours period. I will find another way to promote the books.”

Patrick kissed his husband again. “I love you, Owen. This has not changed that.”


4 thoughts on “3:22 All I Need To Know

  1. Boy was I right on the money when I said his drink was drugged and Teague was Dakota’s brother. Good minds think alike.
    Patrick must really love Owen to be so understanding. He has already forgiven him. Really though what does he have to forgive, Owen was literally raped by Teague. It is probably to late for him to be drug tested and press charges it would be his word against Teague’s. I sure they will find away to make him pay or get the truth out of him. Then send his butt to jail for rape and then he will see how it feels to be rape over and over again.

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