3:21 All In My Head

09-27-18_5-35-19 PM

It felt like the world was crashing down around him. Like every time he tried to do something good for himself, it backfired on him. He didn’t know why his life had to be so damn complicated all the damn time.

His childhood was going great. He had a new sister that he loved. He finds out his dad is a drug addict and his mom moves them out.

He meets a man that finally makes him see who he truly is inside and he falls deeply in love with that man. He finds out that the man is his cousin. So what? They get married anyway. He even found a way to fuck that up. He managed to do that by doing something else that should have been good for him. He went on a damn book tour where he met another man and fucked him. He still had no clue why he did that. He wasn’t the least bit interested in the guy. He loved his husband and never had thoughts of being with anybody else. So why was that night so different?

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He had his newborn son, but now couldn’t even provide a proper home for him. The dump of an apartment they did live in is now a pile of ashes. They were living in his parents’ basement. Not the proper environment for raising a child.

His career was pretty much over before it truly got started. He wasn’t going to do any more book tours to promote his books. Not after what happened the last time. He couldn’t take any chances of a repeat performance.

He walked down to the coastline where he used to always go to think and could not believe what he was seeing.

“What are you doing here?”

“I’m visiting my sister and her boyfriend for a few days. They live not far from here. What are you doing here? I thought you said you live in San Myshuno.”

“My parents live here.”

“Pretty funny that the two of us just happen to end up meeting again here. Like it’s fate or something.”

09-27-18_6-06-05 PM

Owen looked at Teague then shook his head. “This isn’t fate. This is…I don’t know what this is, but it isn’t fate.”

“If you think about it, it kinda is though. We spent that absolutely amazing night together a few weeks ago and now we meet again here while both visiting family members. Maybe fate is trying to send us a message.”

“Stop. This is not fate. There is no message. I am here with my husband and child visiting my family. That is all.”

Teague looked over at Owen. “Are you certain that is all? If you truly loved your husband like you say you do, why did you go to bed with me?”

Owen didn’t have an answer to that. He knew that he loved Patrick. There had never been any question about that. 

“It wasn’t all one sided that night, Owen. You were just as into me as I was into you.”

Owen backed away. “Stop. That night was a big mistake. It never should have happened. It will never happen again.”

All he heard as he ran back to the house was Teague’s words repeating in his head intermixed with Patrick telling him that he loved him. He needed to wake up from this nightmare.


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