3:20 Love Shack

09-26-18_6-08-15 PM

It has been a hell of a few days. Patrick and Owen moved back to Owen’s parents’ house with Andy. The faulty wiring in their apartment building was a ticking time bomb. The building went up like a match set to gasoline soaked papers. All they were able to get out with was each other and the clothes they were wearing. Thankfully Owen’s work was saved in Google Documents and he would be able to access it from his parents’ house.

Owen had to admit that it was nice being back here. He missed his parents and his little sister. He had to admit that it would be nice to have some help with Andy while Patrick was at work and he was trying to write.

09-25-18_12-09-44 PM

The fire wasn’t the worst that happened though. The family had to say goodbye to Roo. Zaiden buried him in the family cemetery beside the angel statue. 

It was hard on Owen to lose his dog. He had Roo since a pup when he got him from his grandparents at his underwear birthday party. He felt like he was saying goodbye to his best friend.

09-25-18_3-04-21 PM

Not everybody was happy about them moving back into the house. Grace had moved into Owen’s bedroom when he moved out. She had redecorated it to suit herself. Owen definitely did not mind her choice in wall decor. 

The problem was that Grace ended up being moved back to what she called the preschool room. Their mom tried to explain to her that it was only because Owen and Patrick had the baby and needed the larger room. She acted like the typical spoiled teenager who didn’t get what she wanted. Basically, she had a temper tantrum and was not speaking to any of them except Andy at the moment. Her reason for talking to Andy was that he was too young to be a pain in the ass yet.

This was just a temporary situation. Grace could have her room back soon. Owen and Patrick were looking for another place. That had always been the plan anyway. They were hoping to find something there in Brindleton Bay near the family.

Owen laid Andy back in the bassinet and looked over at Patrick. “I need a little time to myself to let everything sink in. I’m going to take a short walk on the beach.”

Patrick nodded and watched him. He knew there was something going on with Owen. He had felt it since he got back from the tour. He really wished Owen would tell him what was wrong so they could fix whatever it was.

“Owen… I love you.”

Owen kissed Patrick’s cheek. “I love you, too.”


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