3:19 Life Is Good

09-24-18_9-37-48 PM

Owen was trying to focus on his new book, but nothing was coming to him. Maeve had given him a deadline to have the first five chapters to her by next week, yet he hadn’t written even one word. 

He knew what the problem was. He still hadn’t told Patrick about Teague. Every time he started to tell him, something interrupted them.

He was going to tell him when he got home from work. He had to tell him. It was eating away at him and the only way to stop it was to tell Patrick what had happened.

His phone rang jolting him out of his thoughts. He checked the ID before he answered.

“Hey, Derick. What’s up?”

“Dakota is in labor. Taking her to the hospital now. Meet you there.”

Owen jumped from the chair as Derick hung up. He quickly called Patrick as he ran out the door.

09-24-18_11-25-58 PM

Owen reached for Patrick and opened his eyes when he found himself alone in the bed. He pulled on his shorts and went looking for his husband.

He smiled when he saw Patrick holding Andrew.  He walked over to them.

“He wake you up?”

Patrick nodded and smiled. “He was hungry. I already fed him. Was just getting ready to lay him back down.”

Owen kissed his son’s head before Patrick put him back in the bassinet. 

“You should have woken me up. I would have fed him so you could sleep.”

Patrick shook his head. “You are home with him all day while I am at work. I like getting up with him. It gives me some time with him.”

09-24-18_11-37-46 PM

Owen hugged Patrick. He had missed being this close to him. He wanted this closeness again. 

“Can we have that talk we’ve been trying to have for weeks now?”

“Of course. Maybe we can get through it without interruptions this time.” Patrick took Owen’s hand in his hand started to lead him to the bedroom where they could talk.

“If I remember from what you have been able to tell me, it has something to do with the book tour.”

Owen nodded. “Do you remember us talking before that first party?”

“I do. You were telling me how miserable you were and how much you wanted to come home.”

Owen nodded. “Some…”

Patrick’s phone rang and Owen sighed. Another interruption.

09-24-18_11-46-24 PM

Patrick frowned when he saw who was calling. He looked at Owen. 

“I’m sorry, my love. I need to take this.”

He hit the accept button and he headed for the bedroom.

Owen wasn’t sure who would be calling Patrick in the middle of the night or why, but he was getting tired of these interruptions. Maybe it was best to just give up trying to tell him. Maybe it was fate telling him to just forget about it and be happy with his husband and son.


5 thoughts on “3:19 Life Is Good

  1. Owen needs to tell him before he finds out from someone else. It is best coming from him.
    What is up with Patrick getting phone calls in the middle of the night? I guess it could be a family emergency. His dad or mom, maybe.

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