3:17 Toxic

09-22-18_10-32-41 AM

It was finally the end of the tour. He had a flight home the next day. Patrick was going to pick him up at the airport. He couldn’t wait to see him.

The interviews went great. Word had been spreading about the book and the crowds at the book signings were getting larger. Owen loved seeing that.

Since he had managed to avoid Teague, he decided to go with the others to the party to end the tour. 

He enjoyed the dinner and conversation. He added several books to his list to read after he was back home.

09-22-18_10-55-51 AM

He saw Teague heading his way. He handed Owen a drink. “Peace offering. I just want to say that I am sorry. I should not have pressured you into something you said you didn’t want. I hope there are no hard feelings and we can be friendly on any future tours we do together.”

Owen still could not remember why he had slept with Teague that night. “What happened cannot happen again. I have a husband waiting for me at home and a baby due in a few weeks. I cannot risk all of that by getting involved with someone I just met.”

“I understand. Friends. Nothing more.”



8 thoughts on “3:17 Toxic

    1. Originally I had planned for a repeat, but the game told me that was not going to happen. It refused to even open as long as I had WW in the mods folder. So this time, Owen and Teague slept alone in separate rooms. 🙂

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