3:14 God, Your Mama, And Me

09-19-18_3-25-34 PM

Zaiden helped Patrick move everything to the new apartment. It was just down the hall, but it was larger and had a room for the baby.

The two of them were working in the nursery getting the crib put together.

“Do you visit your parents?”

Patrick nodded. “Every weekend. Mom on Saturdays. Dad on Sundays.”

Has Owen gone with you?”

“A few times. He visits my dad more than my mom.”

Zaiden wasn’t surprised Owen had heard him and Raelyn talk about Rowana several times. He knew the things she had done to the family.”

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“How do they feel about you, Owen, and the baby?”

“They just want me to be happy.”

“And are you?”

Patrick looked over at Zaiden. “I am very deeply in love with an amazing person who for some reason loves me. I am putting a crib together for that person’s baby. Why wouldn’t I be happy?”

Zaiden thought he told a good story, but something about it was not quite right. “Your eyes are telling a different story. They look sad.”

09-19-18_3-26-44 PM

Patrick put down the screw driver and sighed. “My husband is gone for the next two weeks.”

Zaiden could understand him missing Owen. He would be the same if Raelyn was gone. That hadn’t put this sadness there though. He had caught glimpses of it before. “What else is making you so sad?”

“My parents not being able to experience this with us. I know what they did and they need to be punished. I can accept my mother spending the rest of her life in prison. Not my father. I agree that he should have some time, but not life. I know it was your family that he killed, but it wasn’t his fault. He had no choice. Mom was drugging him and threatening him if he didn’t do it.”

Zaiden frowned. “She was drugging him? Why didn’t he say something about that in court?”

“He didn’t know. She would mix it in his drinks. It wouldn’t put him to sleep, but he wasn’t awake either. It made him do whatever he was told to do, no questions asked. If she had told him to kill himself, he would have.”

Patrick looked at Zaiden. “She used it on you also. She said the first time was at a camp ground.”

09-19-18_3-26-50 PM

Zaiden tried to remember that day. It had been many years ago. “The picnic.” He knew there had to have been other times also. Probably when she decided she wanted a baby and every time he fought back.

“You are sure she had drugged your father to get him to kill my family?”

Patrick nodded. “I have video of her doing it.”

“If you give me the video, I will get it to someone who can help your father.”

“Why should I trust you?”

“Patrick, you are my son. Not just because you are married to my son. For the first year of your life, everyone believed that I was your father. My world revolved around you. I did not make any choice that would not benefit you.”

“You made one. You had that paternity test done. Life was hell for me and my father after that.”

Zaiden hadn’t known that. “It wasn’t easy for me to find that out. The son that I loved and adored was not my son. My heart was broken.”

“You never should have told her.”

Zaiden sometimes wished he hadn’t, but things worked out how they were meant to. “If I hadn’t told her, you would not be where you are today. You wouldn’t be married to Owen and planning to bring home a baby in a few months.”

Patrick smiled as he thought about the baby. “That s one very lucky baby. Born into a family full of love.”

“A family that you are a part of. You can trust me, Patrick. Your father is my wife’s cousin. In this family, we take care of each other.”

09-19-18_3-32-16 PM

Patrick left the room and was back a few minutes later. He handed Zaiden a small card that came from a camera. “Please do what you can to help my dad. He really does not deserve what Mom did to him.”

Zaiden slipped the card into his pocket. “I will take care of this on my way home.”

Patrick picked the screw driver back up. “Thank you for coming to help me today.”

“I actually enjoy doing this. Especially when it lets me spend time with someone I love.” He saw the smile on Patrick’s face and it made him smile. “Do you know if the baby is a boy or girl?”

“We do.”

“Do you have a name chosen?”

“We do.”

“Are you going to tell me?”

“After the baby is born.”

Zaiden shook his head and smiled. “So much like Raelyn. She wanted the surprise.”

“There’s so few of them left in the world.”



4 thoughts on “3:14 God, Your Mama, And Me

  1. Zaiden really loves Patrick. Speaking from experience you don’t have to be blood to be a family. He knows him well enough to tell when something is bothering him. Now that he knows Rowana was drugging and blackmailing Patrick’s dad he will do everything in his power to get him out of jail.

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    1. Chase is family. Like he said, the family helps each other. He had never stopped thinking of Patrick as his son. That is why he objected to Patrick and Owen being together at first. When he realized that they were determined to be together anyway, he was able to finally come to terms with it. He is now glad they are together because they make each other happy.

      Liked by 1 person

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