3:11 Baby, Baby

09-08-18_1-31-51 PM

Once all the legal paperwork was done, it was time for the doctor appointments. The three of them went to the first few together. Derick had tagged along with Dakota for support.

Jessie had talked to Dakota. They wanted to make sure that she knew what to expect. They would understand if she had backed out. It was a huge commitment. 

She didn’t change her mind and now they were just waiting to find out if she was pregnant.

Dakota had decided that she wanted to go to this appointment without them. Derick was going with her. They had promised to call as soon as they left the appointment.

Patrick took Owen’s hands in his. “You need to relax. You are going to wear a hole in the floor.” 

“What if it didn’t work?”

09-08-18_1-38-05 PM

“Then we try again. You are worrying for nothing. It worked. You just have to think positive.”

“I’m trying. There’s just so many things that can go wrong.”

Patrick’s phone rang. Owen watched as he checked the ID. “Is it them?”

Patrick shook his head. “It is my grandmother. I will call her back after Dakota and Derick call.” He sat down on the sofa and pulled Owen down beside him. “We need to find something to distract you until they call.”

09-08-18_4-16-32 PM

Owen kissed him softly and smiled. “You are great at distracting me.”

“I’m not doing a very good job today.”

“You are doing a better job than you think you are.” He started pulling Patrick to the bedroom then stopped when his phone rang. He looked at the ID. “It’s them.”



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