3:10 Count On Me

09-07-18_3-45-10 PM

After talking with Jessie, Owen and Patrick discussed the pros and cons of using a surrogate. They decided to give it a try. It was going to be their only option for a child of their own.

They decided to invite their friends over and let them in on all the good news. Only Derick knew that they had gotten married. It was time to tell the rest of their friends.

Owen sent everybody a group text asking them to come over to the apartment. Everybody replied back that they would be there. Derick asked if he could bring his girlfriend along.

Owen had been hearing a lot about Dakota and couldn’t wait to finally meet her. Unfortunately, not everything that he was hearing was good. Aliyah had plenty of bad things to say about Dakota.

Aliyah had been Owen’s friend for a long time. He trusted her and valued her opinion. Derick was Owen’s best friend. He had known Derick longer than he has known anyone else. He trusted Derick, but knew that love is blind. There could be things about Dakota that Derick could not see.

09-07-18_5-15-36 PM

Owen looked over at Patrick who was setting up more chairs for everyone. “Do you know anything about this Dakota girl that Derick is dating?”

“Only the same stuff that you know. Derick is crazy about her and Aliyah doesn’t like her. We can make our own opinion of her after we meet her.”

Owen smiled when he heard the knock on the door. “Can you answer the door while I finish making the snacks?”

Patrick kissed Owen’s cheek on his way past. “Such the perfect little husband.”

Owen couldn’t help smiling when he said that. His main goal was to keep Patrick happy so he wouldn’t regret them getting married. So far it was an easy goal to achieve.

Owen looked up when someone stopped beside him. He frowned when he saw the look on his cousin’s face. “What’s wrong, Alana?”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Tell you what?”
“About you and Patrick. I had to find out from Uncle Zaiden when he was telling Dad about it.”

Owen should have realized that his dad would tell his Uncle Zander and his aunts. “To be honest, it was a spur of the moment thing. We were talking about it and just decided to do it. We didn’t tell anybody until afterward.”

He thought about the reaction everybody was having and frowned. “I just wish at least one person was happy for us.”

09-07-18_7-55-55 PM

Alana heard the others arriving. She took Owen’s hand and pulled him into the bedroom where they could talk in private.

“Owen, are you sure about this? I know the two of you are cousins. Since neither of you can get pregnant, I am okay with the two of you. I just know that some aren’t. I want to make sure you are okay.”

“We love each other. If anybody has a problem with it, we don’t need them in our lives.” He knew that would include his parents if things didn’t change.

Alana looked at her cousin then hugged him. “As long as you are happy, I am happy for you.”

09-07-18_8-46-43 PM

Their friends didn’t seem surprised by the news that they had gotten married. They had decided to keep the cousin thing a secret.

“So are the two of you going to adopt some kids?”

Owen smiled when he thought of their plans. “Maybe someday in the future. Right now we are searching for a surrogate.”

Alana looked at the two of them. “I will do it for you.”

Owen looked over at her and shook his head. “Thank you for being willing to help, but you can’t. We plan to use the same surrogate twice so we both can have a biological child.”

“And since I am your cousin, using my eggs would cause health issues for the baby. I completely understand.” She smiled at both of them. “I hope you will at least let me babysit.”

“Of course.”

09-07-18_9-05-46 PM

“What about Dakota? She can have your kids for you.”

Owen looked at Derick. “You are offering your girlfriend to us without asking her first?”

“You are my best friend, but I probably should have asked her.”

“I’ll do it.”


9 thoughts on “3:10 Count On Me

  1. I think they need to get to know who they going to use as a surrogate mother. They do not know Dakota at all. You do not just meet someone and decide to let them be the mother of your child. Warning signs, wrong way, turn around, do no enter, it doesn’t say bridge out ahead dive face first.

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  2. A bit late but there’s no genetic issue with cousins reproducing. They’re not immediate family members and only share 15% of their DNA, at most. We’re all cousins with each other and it wasn’t uncommon for cousins to marry and breed generations ago.

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