3:6 And So It Goes

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“Grandpa, how did Dad get involved working for you? Was it because he married Mom?”

Tony shook his head. “Your father came to me for help after your aunt got sick. I gave him little jobs to do them. Things like taking food to my men. Nothing dangerous.”

He looked over at Zaiden then back at Owen. “Your father has always been like a son to me. He was the son of my two best friends. I spent a lot of time searching for your father so he could be reunited with his father. When we thought that your grandparents had died, your father was what I still had of them. I was not going to risk his life with dangerous or illegal jobs. After he married your mother, I have even more reason to keep him safe. That is why I kept sending him places with Daniel. I was protecting them both. I didn’t worry about your mother. Nobody knew about the work she did for me.”

Owen looked at his mother. He hadn’t known she was working for his grandpa also. “I always thought you were a stay at home mom.”

“I am. I only do some computer work for your grandpa. Now I work with your Uncle Daniel.”

Owen looked over at his uncle. “You are taking over for Grandpa?”

Daniel nodded and looked at his nephew. “Yes, and the only job I have for you is for you to live a good life and love your family.”

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“I can do that. I have other plans for my life anyway. I was accepted into the pre-med courses at the university.” His dream of being a doctor was changing though. An older dream was coming back to life.

Tony didn’t see the spark in his grandson’s eyes that should be there if being a doctor was what he really wanted. “You do whatever makes you happy. If it is becoming a doctor, that is great. If it is something else, that is fine. We just want you to be happy.”

“Thank you, Grandpa. Now can you tell us about the night Dad was shot?”

Tony shook his head. “Your dad should tell you about that.”

Owen looked over at his father. “Dad?”

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“I’ll just fill in the gaps of what your mother already told you. We were there to pick up a doll house, but it didn’t feel right. All the lights were off in the house and there was no doll house in sight. Your uncle was on the phone with your grandfather trying to figure out what was going on. I saw the curtains move in a window and saw the gun pointed at Daniel. I pushed him out of the way as I pulled out my gun. I felt the bullet hit my chest and shot back. I found out later that the shot I fired hit the guy that shot me. That is the one and only time I have ever shot anybody. It is the murder that I was arrested for.”

“Self defense because he shot you first.”

“Right. They had nothing to prove the other charges so they were all dropped.”

“Did you do those other things?”

Zaiden nodded his head. “I did and could have done time in prison if it wasn’t for your grandfather.”

“Did it have anything to do with Nelson?”

Zaiden frowned at Owen. “How do you know anything about that?”

“I heard Uncle Collin yell at you the day Nelson died.”

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“Yes, it did have to do with Nelson. He owed a lot of people a lot of money. One of those people was your grandfather. Twice I went to get the money he owed your grandfather and he didn’t have it. The first time, Tommy and the guys beat him up pretty bad and broke his arm. That was the assault charge. I did text Uncle Collin and let him know where to find Nelson so he could be taken to the hospital. The second time I had the guys hang Nelson by his feet over the edge of the old family office building. That was the attempted murder and kidnapping charge.”

“Dad, that building is…If they had dropped him…”

“I know. He was only dangling for a few minutes. It was to scare him more than anything.”

“Did you ever get your money, Grandpa?”

“I did. Your father paid the debt himself.”

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“You knew?”

“Of course I did. Tommy told me.”

“You never said anything.”

“You were helping family, Zaiden. I was not going to disrespect that by turning away the money because it did not come from Nelson. You take care of family, and that is what you were doing. I honored that loyalty by donating that money to the youth center where you spent part of your life. If you ever visit the new building, you will find it also has a new name. The Maynard Center is no longer the hell hole where you had lived.”



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