3:3 Push


Owen sat down beside his mother. “Do you think they are going to let him come home?”

Raelyn was going to give him the same answer she had been giving Grace every day, but she knew that Owen would see through that. “Honestly? I don’t know.”

08-25-18_7-34-20 PM

“I need to know what is going on, Mom. There are so many rumors and lies out there. I need to know the truth. I’m not Daddy’s little princess like Grace is. I can handle the truth.”

Raelyn looked at her son and gave him a small smile. “When did you grow up?”

“When you weren’t looking.”

“I cant’ give you all of the details that you want. I don’t know them. You will have to get that from your dad.” She saw the same look on his face that she saw every other time she had told him she couldn’t tell him anything. “I will tell you what I do know.”

08-25-18_7-34-47 PM

Owen couldn’t believe it. She was finally going to talk to him.

“Some of the things people are saying are true, some are partially true, and most are lies. Your father did have a drug problem. You know that. You know that it wasn’t until after he was shot.

That was stuff he already knew. “What happened the night Dad was shot?”

08-25-18_7-35-35 PM

“Your grandfather had found an antique doll house on an auction site. He wanted to get it so Grace and your cousins would have it to play with when visiting. He sent your father and Daniel to pick it up. Someone shot at your uncle and your father pushed him out of the way. That was when your father was shot.”

“Did Dad do a lot of work for Grandpa?”

Raelyn shook her head. “He dealt with Nelson a couple times. Other than that, he mostly baby sat Daniel. The night you were born, your father was babysitting your uncle in a cornfield.”

08-25-18_7-39-15 PM

“Dad wasn’t with you when I was born?”

She shook her head and smiled. “Nobody was. You were born in the bed upstairs. Just me and you.”

Owen had never known that. He had always assumed that he had been born at the hospital like Grace had been. He gave his mother a big hug. “You are even more amazing than I always knew you were. I love you, Mom.”

After the past several months, she didn’t think she would ever hear those words from him again. “I love you, too, honey.”



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