3:2 Now


Owen sat in the apartment with Patrick. Grace was spending the day with their grandma. Owen was glad to have a day to himself.

08-25-18_12-58-11 PM

Owen put the paper down and looked over at Patrick. “Why would they lie like that. Dad’s problem with drugs started after that day. He had been shot. They make it sound like Dad was the only one shooting people. Dad didn’t shoot himself.”

Patrick sat quietly listening. “How bad was your dad’s drug problem?”

It wasn’t a time that Owen liked to remember. “It was pretty bad. Dad spent a lot of time passed out on the couch. There was one time that he was passed out before he had put his stuff away. I had hurt my arm outside and had gone inside to get some ice for it. I saw Dad’s stuff on the coffee table. I knew that Dad was using it for pain after being shot. I figured that if it helped Dad with the pain, it would help me with my arm. It almost killed me.”

He looked at Patrick. “I was ten. I didn’t know anything other than that it helped my dad.”

08-25-18_1-03-07 PM

Patrick put his arm around Owen and pulled him closer. He could see that this was hard for him to talk about and wanted him to know he was there for him.

“It was really bad. Mom took me and Grace to live with Grandpa Tony and Grandma Jessie. Dad went to rehab and Mom divorced him.”

Patrick was surprised to hear that. “Your parents are divorced?”

Owen shook his head. “They were for about a year. They got back together after your parents…”

08-25-18_1-02-20 PM

That was interesting news. Maybe if his mother had known that, she wouldn’t have made his father blow up the funeral. Maybe they wouldn’t be in prison.

Thinking about his Uncle Collin’s funeral reminded him of something that had happened a few years earlier. “I think Dad may have killed someone.”

Patrick looked at Owen when he said that. “What makes you think that?”

“Uncle Collin came tot he house mad one day. He was yelling at Dad saying that him and Grandpa Tony had killed his son, Nelson. I don’t know what else was said. They moved away from the house and I couldn’t hear them anymore.”

He closed his eyes and wished he was ten again. That hell was better than all of this. “They are going to take my dad away from us again.”






Look who came to visit Owen and Patrick. This is the first she has shown up in game since she died. 🙂

08-25-18_12-53-32 PM

There is no video available for this title. The song “Now” is by Danny Wood if you wish to look it up. It is on iTunes.

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