2:100 Bohemian Rhapsody

08-25-18_2-41-33 AM

It had been a quiet evening at home. Owen had helped Grace with her homework and had even volunteered to clean up afterwards. Zaiden had already talked to Raelyn about ending Owen’s punishment. They planned to talk to him about it after they had put Grace to bed.

“Darling, can you bring us the book off the coffee table? I forgot to pick it up on my way in.”

Zaiden was in Grace’s room with Raelyn and Grace when someone knocked on the door.”

08-25-18_2-48-01 AM

“I’ve got it.” Owen looked through the window before opening the door. “Mon, Dad, you two might want to come out here.”

Zaiden and Raelyn stepped out of Grace’s room.

08-25-18_2-52-54 AM

“Good evening, Officers. Can we help you with something?”

“Are you Zaiden Maynard?”

“I am.”

“We have a warrant for your arrest.

08-25-18_2-53-10 AM

“May I ask what the charge is?”


Zaiden looked over at Raelyn. “Call your father.”

“If you could step outside, we can put the handcuffs on away from your children.”

Zaiden looked at his son. “You take care of your mom and your sister.”

Owen could only nod his head as he watched his father leave with the cops. “Mom? Did Dad kill someone?”

“That is a conversation you will have to have with your father, honey.” Raelyn called her father and found out that Daniel had been arrested also.

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