2:94 Satisfied

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So many things had happened after Chase testified in court. The judge accepted the plea deal and sentenced him to life without parole. Rowana was arrested and tried. The judge sentenced her to life without parole also. The only reason she was not given the death penalty was because Zaiden asked the judge not to. He knew what growing up with the stigma of his mother being executed was like. He did not want that for Patrick.

Rowana and Chase both asked that custody of their son be given to Zaiden. They knew how much he had once cared for the boy and knew he would be taken care of. He was settling into Owen’s room which made Owen very happy.

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The biggest and best event to happen was the judge reversing the custody order. Raelyn and the kids were able to move back home.

Zaiden wrapped his arms around Raelyn and smiled. “You are home. No more having to watch you leave after a couple hours.”

She smiled as she leaned against him. “No more lying alone at night wishing I was in your arms instead.”

Zaiden softly kissed her lips. “No more having to use my hand after dreams of your lips wrap…”

Zaiden!” Raelyn put her hand over his mouth. “The children are here!”

“We’ll finish that conversation later. Hopefully with demonstrations.”

Raelyn giggled as she moved away a few steps. “You better behave yourself or I will spend tonight at my parents’ house.”

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“Zaiden put his hands up in surrender. “How are they doing?”

Raelyn shrugged and sighed. “They are trying to be strong for Daniel right now. He is a complete mess.”

Zaiden understood. Daniel’s wife, Kaitlyn, had been Zaiden’s cousin. Losing her and her two daughters was a tough blow.

When he thought about it, it was his cousin, Elise, who was hit the hardest with the bombing. She had already lost her brother, Nelson, then her father, Collin. The bomb killed her mother, her only other brother, her only sister, two nieces, all her aunts, and her uncle. Other than her husband, her children, and a few cousins, her family was gone.

Raelyn squeezed his hand to get his attention again. “Are you blaming yourself again?”

“Not this time. I was thinking about Elise.”

“Have you talked to her?”

Zaiden shook his head. “She left town with her husband and the kids. Nobody knows where they went.”

“It is probably a good thing. Give her a fresh start without the painful memories.”

Zaiden nodded. Some days he wished he could move away from it all too. How is your dad? Is he doing any better?”

Raelyn shook her head. “He puts on the strong front for Daniel, but when my brother isn’t there… He misses his grandkids and his best friend.”

10 thoughts on “2:94 Satisfied

  1. Elise has instantly become a suspicious character to me. I’m nervous, hopefully she left for mental healing, but she might be plotting in the background.

    Good to see Patrick back, btw.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Elise and her children deserve to be happy after everything that has happened.
    At least Rowana loves Patrick enough to give custody to Zaiden or is this a last ditch to get on Zaiden good side and try and win his love.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree about Elise. That poor girl lost a lot.
      There is a secret about Patrick that will be coming out soon. I have hinted at it in the forum thread but I think it went unnoticed.


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