2:85 Happier

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It was during Zaiden’s sixth month in the rehab facility that Raelyn finally decided to visit. Zaiden had hoped she had the kids with her, but she didn’t. Maybe next time…if there will be a next time.

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Raelyn sat down on the sofa beside Zaiden. He did look a lot better than he had the last time she had seen him.

“How are you doing?”

Zaiden shrugged. “I’m doing okay. I miss you and the kids. I wish you would have brought them with you.”

“This isn’t the place for them, Zaiden. Maybe when you get out, you can see them. Do you know how much longer you will be there?”

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“I can leave anytime I want. I just want to make sure that I’m past all of that stuff that put me in here.”

“How are you doing with that?”

Zaiden smiled when he looked at her. “I’m doing good. Don’t even desire it any more.”

“So you’ll be going home soon?”

Zaiden nodded. “Probably in a few days. Will you and the kids be there?”

Raelyn shook her head. “That is actually why I am here. I filed for divorce, Zaiden.”

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First he was surprised, then he was angry. “You came here after six months of not visiting to tell me that?”

She nodded her head. “The judge won’t do anything while you are in here.”

“Did you father put you up to this? You know it is his fault that all of this happened, right?”

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“Don’t you blame Daddy for any of this. You are the one that almost killed our son, Zaiden. Daddy had nothing to do with that.”

Zaiden shook his head. “That never would have happened if I hadn’t been shot while protecting your brother while doing something for your father.”

“You want someone to blame, blame your own grandparents, Zaiden. They are the ones that made your mother do what they did and resulted in all of those people being put in jail.”

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“What does any of that have to do with any of this?”

Raelyn sighed and looked at her husband. “Did you not recognize whose house you were at when you were shot, Zaiden?”

Zaiden frowned as he thought about it. He knew it looked familiar. So had the car. He also remembered something Emma had told him years ago.

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“Dax. But why would Dax, my own cousin, shoot Daniel?”

“Daniel wasn’t the target. You were. He knew you would protect Daniel. He was right.”

Zaiden looked at Raelyn. “What does it have to do with me and my parents though?”

Raelyn remembered what it was her father had told her after he confronted Dax about it. “Noah Ford was Dax’s father. He was one of the people arrested the first time.”

“The prosecutor at Mom’s trial.”

Raelyn nodded. “He wanted to take you from your parents like he feels your parents took his father from him.”

4 thoughts on “2:85 Happier

  1. Now we know that Zaiden was the original target.
    I was raised in a drug house, both parents on drugs, would never, ever, ever, ever, want to go back. In my situation it the best thing to happen was for me to be took bout of that environment and later adopted. I can see Raelyn’s point. She is looking out for her children. With that being said, I think Zaiden has changed and will not go back to doing drugs. Hopefully they will get back together one day. I wonder what affect all this will have on Owen and Zaiden’s relationship.

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