2:84 Back Of My Mind

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Zaiden’s phone call to his father resulted in Zaiden going into rehab. This was one of the best facilities even if the rooms didn’t reflect that. A lack of funding meant that the focus was on treatment and not on decorating. Zaiden made a mental note to make a large donation to the facility when he was released.

In the month that he had been there, he had received many visitors. His parents, his brother, his sisters, his aunts, his uncle, a few cousins. The people he truly wanted to see had yet to visit. He hadn’t seen Raelyn or his kids. He had talked to her a couple times on the phone, but those calls usually just consisted of her telling him that the kids were fine. He missed them like crazy.

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The roommate they had assigned to Zaiden was an interesting character. He was a depressed clown that was on his third trip to rehab. It seems that he would take something to make him happy so he could do all those parties that parents would hire him to do for their kids. Haven’t parents figured out yet, that clowns are scary? Especially this one. Why do parents keep inflicting clowns on their poor children? If they want to terrify their children and make them afraid of clowns, have them watch the movie IT or something. It would be cheaper. Well, if you didn’t count the years of therapy for the children afterwards.

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Zaiden and Smiley did become friends though. They talked a lot since neither really had anybody else to talk to outside of their therapy sessions. Smiley learned about Zaiden and how he blames himself for his son almost dying. Zaiden learned that Smiley’s depression comes from all of the people who hate clowns. When you exist solely to make people happy and smile and those people are afraid and hate you…Zaiden could see how that would make someone depressed.

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The two of them spent many hours in their room talking. It was almost like another therapy session. They supported each other and cried together.

The one thing that Zaiden never told Smiley was that clowns are fucking scary and he hates them.

4 thoughts on “2:84 Back Of My Mind

  1. Hope Raelyn forgives him and he gets his family back. Zaiden has trouble asking for help until something bad happens. He is really a good person who has lost his way.

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