2:83 How Do I Live

08-07-18_4-11-02 PM

Zaiden wandered around the house. It felt empty. That was probably because everybody he loved was no longer there. Raelyn had taken the kids and moved back to her parents’ house. They even took Roo and Socks with them. Zaiden was alone and it was his fault.

08-06-18_6-23-21 PM

Zaiden had left his stuff on the coffee table.  He normally was not that careless. It was a one time slip. One time that cost him everything, but could have cost him even more.

08-06-18_10-50-25 PM

Owen got into the stuff and ended up at the hospital. It almost killed the boy. Zaiden could have lost his son and it would have been his own damn fault.

He had lost his son, though. He lost him and Grace both when Raelyn took them away. He lost Raelyn also. He lost everything. And it was all his own damn fault.

08-07-18_4-13-02 PM

Zaiden looked at the stuff on the table. He craved it. He knew it would take away his pain. At least it would take away his physical pain. He didn’t know of anything that would take away the pain in his heart that he was feeling at that moment.

He grabbed a garbage can and cleaned the stuff off the coffee table. As much as his body needed that stuff, his heart needed his wife and children more. He knew that as long as he had this, he would never have them.

Now that the drugs was gone, he knew what he had to do next. He pulled out his phone and called his father.

8 thoughts on “2:83 How Do I Live

      1. It should have scared him. It is his fault and he will have to live with it the rest of his life. I just hope it is not too late for Zaiden and his family. He is going to have a lot of making up and a hard road ahead to recovery.
        I hate anything dealing with drugs and families. Makes me sad. 😭

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      2. I promise this part will be short. There’s less than 20 chapters left in this generation so have to tie things up pretty soon now.

        Zaiden does know it is his fault. He takes full responsibility for that. His focus now will be on fixing his mistakes and mending things in his family. Whether or not Raelyn can forgive him, is something we will have to wait and see.

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