2:79 Breathe

07-31-18_4-53-02 PM

Zaiden was finally home. He was happy to see the place. He had really missed Owen and Grace. They had made the decision not to the let the kids visit at the hospital so Zaiden could focus on getting better.

Zaiden sat on the sofa watching Owen play with his animals. Raelyn was in the nursery taking care of Grace.

“Do you have your homework done?”

“Yes. It just needs checked. Mommy said she would check it after she gets Grace to sleep.”

“I can check it for you. Can you also get me some water please?” Zaiden reached for the pill bottle on the nearby table.

07-31-18_5-03-06 PM

Owen handed his dad the water then sat down beside him on the sofa.

Zaiden popped a couple pain pills into his mouth and washed them down with the water. “Let’s see your homework.” Zaiden looked it over and pointed out a few that needed to be fixed. “What about reading?”

“I left my reading bag at school.”

“You need to bring it home every night, Owen. Go get a book off your bookcase. You can read it to me tonight.”

07-31-18_5-05-36 PM

Owen went downstairs to his room to get a book. When he returned he found his dad asleep on the sofa. He sat the book in a chair and took his dad’s water glass to the kitchen. He would read to his dad after his dad’s nap.

4 thoughts on “2:79 Breathe

  1. Due to my parents being drug addicts, I worry about any kind of pain medicine. I hope Zaiden will be okay.
    Owen seems like a sweet child.

    Liked by 1 person

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