3:5 Bridge Over Troubled Water

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Owen looked at his grandfather and quickly jumped up to help him to a chair. “Are you alright, Grandpa?”

“Tony patted his grandson’s hand. “You don’t worry about me. I’m a tough old man. It will take a lot more than a bad year or two to do me in.”

Owen couldn’t help smiling. He hoped his grandfather still had many years ahead of him despite how old and sick he looked. He moved back as his Uncle Daniel made sure that his grandpa was comfortable. 

He had to hide his smile behind his hand as he watched his grandfather slap his hands away.

“Will you stop? You are as bad as your mother.”

“I will take that as a compliment. Mother is a wonderful woman.”

“You will get no argument from me about that. Now sit yourself down.”>

Tony looked at his grandson. “I heard that you have been asking questions about what your father has done for me.”

Owen nodded his head. “There are a lot of rumors. I want to know the truth.”

Tony nodded as he looked at both of his grandchildren. “It is time for both of you to know everything. Past time it seems. The story does not start with your father. It started many years before. All the way back to when I was younger than you are, Gracie Rose.”

Grace sat smiling at her grandpa.

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I was a…” He almost said a word he shouldn’t use in front of his granddaughter. “I was a brat when I was a kid. I had watched my uncle kill my father and my mother as she begged for my life to be spared. Her last words were telling me to run. My uncle was afraid that my father wanted control of the family’s vineyards and was raising me to take over. He was wrong. My father was raising me to respect the family and to do whatever was necessary to protect it.”

Raelyn had grown up listening to stories of the family in Italy, but had never heard why her father had left.

08-30-18_3-59-18 AM

“My father had a friend who captained one of the passenger ships at the docks. I had visited the ship with my father a few times. He would always tell me to remember the ship and to remember the captain because the day may come when the captain would be asked to repay the debt he owned to my father. The day I watched my uncle kill my parents and turn his gun on me was the day that debt was paid. The captain hid me on his ship for three days while it was prepared and loaded to sail. When we landed in San Myshuno, he gave me the name of a woman who would help me here. Her name was Kamila.” Tony looked at Zaiden. “Your father’s mother.”

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“Kamila took me to her brother who took me in and raised me as his own. That was how I met your father, Zaiden, and why I always said he was part of my family. We were raised as family.”

Tony thought about Izaiah and felt a fresh wave of sadness wash over him. “He was my best friend, but I loved him like he was my brother. We were both only seven when we met. Kamila brought him with her when she picked me up from the docks and took me to her brother. He taught me my first English word…friend. The kids at school teased the new kid who couldn’t talk. Izaiah would get so mad at them for that. We both got in trouble many times for fighting those kids. Then we met Colleen.”

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He smiled thinking about her. He looked over at Zaiden. “Your mother almost ruined my friendship with your father. She was the cutest little girl with the saddest eyes. We both had a crush on her, and would argue about it. It was your father that made the sadness leave her eyes. Once I realized that those two were un vero amore…”

“English please, Daddy. I am just beginning the Italian lessons with Grace.”

Tony looked at his daughter and granddaughter. “Un vero amore means one true love. Once I realized they were each other’s one true love, I was was happy for them. The three of us were inseparable. She was the one who introduced me to my first wife.”

08-30-18_5-10-34 AM

Tony had been lucky enough to have found love twice in his lifetime. It had been a long time since he had talked about Rosalita. “I was 18 when I married Rosie.” He looked at his granddaughter and smiled. “That is where your name comes from, Princess. Rosalita Grace. We were happy and in love. Our son was born five months after we were married.”

Tony wished he knew where Anthony was. He went off to college and never returned home.

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“We were only married a year when she was killed in a car accident. I was left to care for a baby by myself. Kamila arranged for someone to help. Jessie had just graduated and was great with Anthony. She knew that the work I was doing was not always legal and she never judged me for it. I messed up and almost lost her. We had grown close because I relied on her for helping with Anthony. I wasn’t ready to move on though. When she told me that she loved me, I pushed her away.”

Tony looked at Daniel. She didn’t tell me she was pregnant. I never would have…”

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“It’s okay, Father. I had a great life with the family that adopted me. It also gave Mother the opportunity to help someone else have a family.”

Raelyn smiled as she listened to the story. “Daniel found us and has been an amazing big brother.”

“Thanks, Brat. You aren’t so bad yourself.”

“Any time, Monster.”

Tony shook his head as he listened to his kids. “You two never change. I am glad that your mother forgave me. She blessed me with the two of you and Caden.”

He looked at the rest of the family. “Enough of this old man’s journey into the past. Zaiden, your father knew about the work that I was doing. He joined the police force so he could help me from the inside.”

08-30-18_9-09-32 AM

Zaiden looked at Tony surprised. “Dad was a dirty cop?”

Tony shook his head. “He never did anything against the rules. Your father wasn’t like that. He just kept an ear out to see if my name or any of my men came up. Never did thankfully. I miss him.”



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3:4 Canto Alla Vita


Owen was happy to see his father. He was glad he was home. He had missed him.

The house was full of people. His aunts and uncle were there to see his dad. It was nice to see them.

08-26-18_2-39-35 PM

Grace wasn’t leaving their father’s side. This was the second time they had been separated. She wasn’t letting it happen again.

Owen looked around the crowded house. Everybody was acting like it was just a normal day. Like his father hadn’t just spent a month in jail. Like his father couldn’t have been taken from them permanently if those twelve people had decided to say just one word instead of two. Like his father hadn’t someone and caused all of this to begin with.

08-26-18_2-41-46 PM

He walked outside to get away from everybody. It was only a few minutes later that someone sat down beside him. 

“You okay?” 

Owen nodded without looking up from the spot on the ground he had been staring at. “Just needed some fresh air.”

08-26-18_2-42-40 PM

“There is a lot of people in there, isn’t there?”

“It feels like Christmas. Just without the decorations and gifts.”

“You don’t think people should be here or be happy today?”

Owen shrugged his shoulders but didn’t say anything.

“Your mom told me that you have been asking a lot of questions.”

08-26-18_2-45-09 PM

Owen looked at his dad. “You were arrested for murder, Dad. I wanted to know what was going on. I didn’t know if I was ever going to see you again without a glass window between us.”

Zaiden could see that his son had a lot of built up emotions ready to come out. He sat quietly and let Owen say what he needed to say.

“Every time I asked Mom if what people were saying was true, she would say that I had to ask you, but how could I ask you when I was allowed to visit you? All I knew was what people were saying or what the news said. I just wanted to know if I was going to still have my dad.”

08-26-18_2-45-28 PM

“I have talked to your mother and your grandfather. He is going to come over tomorrow and we are all going to talk. You and your sister both deserve to know what happened. We will answer all your questions. I promise.”

Owen was glad they were finally going to get answers. He hugged his dad. “I am glad you are home.



3:3 Push


Owen sat down beside his mother. “Do you think they are going to let him come home?”

Raelyn was going to give him the same answer she had been giving Grace every day, but she knew that Owen would see through that. “Honestly? I don’t know.”

08-25-18_7-34-20 PM

“I need to know what is going on, Mom. There are so many rumors and lies out there. I need to know the truth. I’m not Daddy’s little princess like Grace is. I can handle the truth.”

Raelyn looked at her son and gave him a small smile. “When did you grow up?”

“When you weren’t looking.”

“I cant’ give you all of the details that you want. I don’t know them. You will have to get that from your dad.” She saw the same look on his face that she saw every other time she had told him she couldn’t tell him anything. “I will tell you what I do know.”

08-25-18_7-34-47 PM

Owen couldn’t believe it. She was finally going to talk to him.

“Some of the things people are saying are true, some are partially true, and most are lies. Your father did have a drug problem. You know that. You know that it wasn’t until after he was shot.

That was stuff he already knew. “What happened the night Dad was shot?”

08-25-18_7-35-35 PM

“Your grandfather had found an antique doll house on an auction site. He wanted to get it so Grace and your cousins would have it to play with when visiting. He sent your father and Daniel to pick it up. Someone shot at your uncle and your father pushed him out of the way. That was when your father was shot.”

“Did Dad do a lot of work for Grandpa?”

Raelyn shook her head. “He dealt with Nelson a couple times. Other than that, he mostly baby sat Daniel. The night you were born, your father was babysitting your uncle in a cornfield.”

08-25-18_7-39-15 PM

“Dad wasn’t with you when I was born?”

She shook her head and smiled. “Nobody was. You were born in the bed upstairs. Just me and you.”

Owen had never known that. He had always assumed that he had been born at the hospital like Grace had been. He gave his mother a big hug. “You are even more amazing than I always knew you were. I love you, Mom.”

After the past several months, she didn’t think she would ever hear those words from him again. “I love you, too, honey.”



3:2 Now


Owen sat in the apartment with Patrick. Grace was spending the day with their grandma. Owen was glad to have a day to himself.

08-25-18_12-58-11 PM

Owen put the paper down and looked over at Patrick. “Why would they lie like that. Dad’s problem with drugs started after that day. He had been shot. They make it sound like Dad was the only one shooting people. Dad didn’t shoot himself.”

Patrick sat quietly listening. “How bad was your dad’s drug problem?”

It wasn’t a time that Owen liked to remember. “It was pretty bad. Dad spent a lot of time passed out on the couch. There was one time that he was passed out before he had put his stuff away. I had hurt my arm outside and had gone inside to get some ice for it. I saw Dad’s stuff on the coffee table. I knew that Dad was using it for pain after being shot. I figured that if it helped Dad with the pain, it would help me with my arm. It almost killed me.”

He looked at Patrick. “I was ten. I didn’t know anything other than that it helped my dad.”

08-25-18_1-03-07 PM

Patrick put his arm around Owen and pulled him closer. He could see that this was hard for him to talk about and wanted him to know he was there for him.

“It was really bad. Mom took me and Grace to live with Grandpa Tony and Grandma Jessie. Dad went to rehab and Mom divorced him.”

Patrick was surprised to hear that. “Your parents are divorced?”

Owen shook his head. “They were for about a year. They got back together after your parents…”

08-25-18_1-02-20 PM

That was interesting news. Maybe if his mother had known that, she wouldn’t have made his father blow up the funeral. Maybe they wouldn’t be in prison.

Thinking about his Uncle Collin’s funeral reminded him of something that had happened a few years earlier. “I think Dad may have killed someone.”

Patrick looked at Owen when he said that. “What makes you think that?”

“Uncle Collin came tot he house mad one day. He was yelling at Dad saying that him and Grandpa Tony had killed his son, Nelson. I don’t know what else was said. They moved away from the house and I couldn’t hear them anymore.”

He closed his eyes and wished he was ten again. That hell was better than all of this. “They are going to take my dad away from us again.”






Look who came to visit Owen and Patrick. This is the first she has shown up in game since she died. 🙂

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3:1 Man Of Constant Sorrow

Things have been crazy in the month since his dad had been arrested. Owen still couldn’t believe it. His dad had been arrested for murder.

In the month since Zaiden had left with the police officers, Owen had learned that it wasn’t only murder that his dad had been charged with. There was also attempted murder, assault, drugs, weapons, and kidnapping. They wouldn’t let his dad come home, so Owen didn’t have a chance to talk to him.

Owen knew his dad had a good lawyer. His grandpa only hired the best. Since this lawyer had already gotten the charges dropped for his Uncle Daniel, he should be able to do the same for his dad. Right?

08-25-18_4-32-08 AM

“Owen, do you think Daddy misses us?”

He looked at his little sister and nodded. “Mom says he does. She also says that he really likes the pictures you draw for him. Why don’t you go draw him another one?”

He watched Grace walk back to her room.

He wanted to go to the apartment to see Patrick. They hadn’t been able to see each other much with all of this going on. He was usually watching Grace while his mom was out somewhere trying to help his dad.

He called some of his friends to see if they were available to hang out. He was going crazy just setting at home with nobody to talk to except his little sister.

08-25-18_4-47-10 AM

“How’s your dad?”

Owen shrugged and looked at Shane. “Mom says e’s okay. I’m not allowed to see him, so I have to take her word for it.”

“if there’s anything we can do, we are here for you.”

Owen appreciated that. “Right now all I need is the distraction.”

His friends managed to keep both him and Grace occupied. They truly were great friends.

Owen answered his ringing phone. “Hello?”

“Hi, Son.”

“Dad!” He was happy to hear his dad’s voice. He took Grace to his bedroom where they could both talk to their father on speakerphone.

08-25-18_4-51-26 AM

“Are you coming home, Daddy?”

“Hopefully soon, Peanut. I miss you both.”

“We miss you, too, Dad.”

“Your mom told me that you have been helping her with Grace and everything else. Thank you.”

“Someone has to take care of things so Mom can help Grandpa get you out of there.”

“Daddy, I made you another picture.”

“I can’t wait to see it. I have been hanging them on the wall by my bed so I can look at them all the time.”

They heard the beep letting them know the call was at the end of the allowed time.

“I will call you two again soon. I love you both very much.”

“We love you too.

Owen hit the button ending the call. He saw Grace trying so hard not to cry again. He gave her a big hug.

“He’ll be home soon.”

08-25-18_4-43-36 AM

The two of them went back out to the family room where his friends were waiting. The girls took Grace to the sofa to occupy her with a movie. Owen owed them big for that.

The guys joined him by the Foosball table and started a game to make them seem busy.

“Your dad doing okay?”

Owen nodded. “He just wanted tell us that he loves us and misses us. He calls every few days.”

“Any word on him being released yet?”

He shook his head. “He says hopefully soon. I don’t know though. Why would they let Uncle Daniel go and not Dad? Did Dad really do what they say he did?”

Derick looked at his friend feeling bad that he couldn’t help. “Have you talked to him about it?”

Owen shook his head. “I have tried, but he won’t talk about it. When I ask Mom she says that it’s Dad’s story to tell. If Dad did nothing then why is there a story?”

“That does sound a little fishy.”

Owen looked over at Derick. “You always listen to the rumors. What are they saying about my dad?”

Shane and Pablo had heard the rumors. “I don’t know if you really want to hear them. Some of them are pretty bad.”

Owen thought about what Pablo said and nodded. “You are right. It will be best to just wait and get the truth from Dad.”






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2:100 Bohemian Rhapsody

08-25-18_2-41-33 AM

It had been a quiet evening at home. Owen had helped Grace with her homework and had even volunteered to clean up afterwards. Zaiden had already talked to Raelyn about ending Owen’s punishment. They planned to talk to him about it after they had put Grace to bed.

“Darling, can you bring us the book off the coffee table? I forgot to pick it up on my way in.”

Zaiden was in Grace’s room with Raelyn and Grace when someone knocked on the door.”

08-25-18_2-48-01 AM

“I’ve got it.” Owen looked through the window before opening the door. “Mon, Dad, you two might want to come out here.”

Zaiden and Raelyn stepped out of Grace’s room.

08-25-18_2-52-54 AM

“Good evening, Officers. Can we help you with something?”

“Are you Zaiden Maynard?”

“I am.”

“We have a warrant for your arrest.

08-25-18_2-53-10 AM

“May I ask what the charge is?”


Zaiden looked over at Raelyn. “Call your father.”

“If you could step outside, we can put the handcuffs on away from your children.”

Zaiden looked at his son. “You take care of your mom and your sister.”

Owen could only nod his head as he watched his father leave with the cops. “Mom? Did Dad kill someone?”

“That is a conversation you will have to have with your father, honey.” Raelyn called her father and found out that Daniel had been arrested also.

2:99 Between The Lines

08-24-18_10-02-30 PM

Even thought he was grounded Owen still found time to be with Patrick. Their lunches and study halls were usually spent somewhere on campus where they could find some privacy.

Owen laid on the grass with Patrick under a tree. It was their lunch period.

“I got my acceptance letter. Early admission. Full scholarship.”

Patrick looked at Owen and smiled. “That is wonderful. I knew you could do it.” He kissed Owen softly. “I am very proud of you.”

“Become a doctor has been a dream of mine for a long time. Since my dad was shot.”

“It is a good profession. Helping people is great.”

“What are your plans for after graduation?”

“I don’t know. I was never encouraged to do things like you were.”

Owen looked over at Patrick. “What was your childhood like?”

“Not very good. My mom was always yelling at my dad because he was my father. She was always bringing guys home. Dad never said a word. She actually told me once that if she had known who my father was before I was born, she would have gotten rid of me.”

08-24-18_10-05-45 PM

Owen pulled him into his arms and hugged him close. “I am so sorry that you had to go through that.”

“It worked out fine. I now have you.”

“I will never treat you that way. I promise.”

“At least we won’t be confused about who fathers our children.”

08-24-18_10-05-59 PM

Owen knew that Patrick was just trying to lighten the mood, but it bought up a question he had been wanting to ask him.

“Do you want children?”

“Yeah. Do you?”

“I do. After med school though. I want to be settled into my career before having kids.”

“That is a very smart decision. Would you want to adopt?”

Owen thought about the question before answering. “Maybe some of them. I would want at least one to be mine though.”

He told Patrick about how his grandma Jessie had been a surrogate before his mom was born.

“That’s really cool. Maybe we could try something like that.”

2:98 Don’t Matter

08-23-18_12-47-55 AM

Owen double checked the address then knocked on the door. He smiled when Patrick opened the door. His smile got even bigger when Patrick pulled him inside and kissed him.

“Finally someplace where we can be together.”

08-23-18_4-15-07 PM

Patrick took Owen’s hand and pulled him further into the apartment. “I’ll give you the very short tour. It’s not much, but it’s something. It will do until I can save money to get us something bigger.”

Owen looked at Patrick. “Did you say us?”

“Yes. This apartment is for us.” He handed Owen a key. “Any time you need a place to go to get away from your parents, you can come here. I have to say, I wouldn’t mind coming home from work and finding you here waiting for me.”

08-23-18_4-23-19 PM

Owen thought about it and smiled. “If my parents keep on me the way they have been, you may find me here a lot.”

“I am fine with that. I want this to be our place. When you are ready to move in here permanently, you already have the key.”

Owen didn’t think he could be any happier than he was at that moment. Patrick proved him wrong.

08-23-18_4-36-24 PM

Zaiden smiled at his daughter when she came inside. He had been waiting for the kids to get home from school. He had promised to take them to see the movie Christopher Robin. “Where is your brother?”

“School. He said he had a meeting for that yearbook stuff he’s been doing.”

Zaiden frowned and looked at his watch. If they were going to make the movie on time, they didn’t have time to wait. Grace had been begging to see the movie so he really didn’t want to make her wait. He had promised her they would go.

“Go put your things away and get in the car.”

The smile on his daughter’s face and her excitement when she ran to put her backpack in her room told Zaiden that not waiting for Owen was the right choice. The boy had known about the movie plans and never said anything about a meeting. If it had been a sudden meeting, he could have called.

“Let’s go, Daddy.”

08-23-18_6-23-00 PM

Zaiden was waiting to buy tickets when he spotted a familiar face closer to the doors.

08-23-18_7-22-04 PM

Zaiden was waiting for Owen when he came home. He looked at his watch. At least he made curfew. Barely.

“How was the meeting?”

“Owen stopped in his tracks when he saw his father. “Um…it was fine. I’m a bit tired, so I’m going to head to bed.”

“Did you enjoy the movie? Slender Man, right?”

08-23-18_7-23-23 PM

“How did…? Owen stopped and sighed. “Grace. I forgot you were taking her to the movies.”

Obviously. You lied, Owen. Your little sister was looking forward to seeing that movie with you, and you lied to her.”

Owen did feel bad about that. He loved his little sister. He just also loved Patrick. “I’m sorry.”

“You are grounded.” Zaiden held out his hand. “I want your car keys.”

“That’s not fair, Dad.”

08-23-18_7-24-17 PM

“When you can show your mother and I that you can be trusted and not lie to us, you will get your car back. Until then, your mother and I will be picking you up from school and taking you to where you need to go. Your friends may come here, but you may not go anywhere with them.”

Owen couldn’t believe his dad was doing this. All because he went to a movie. “I hate you so much right now.”

Zaiden had expected that. He watched Owen stomp off toward his room.

“One more thing before you slam the door. Patrick is not allowed here.”

2:97 Blue

08-22-18_10-27-18 PM

“Owen, dinner’s ready.”

Raelyn heard the same words she had been hearing from him all week.

08-22-18_10-35-43 PM

Zaiden looked at her when she sat down. “he’s not eating with us again?”

Raelyn nodded. “At least we know he’s eating.” They usually heard him getting something to eat after everyone was in bed. Zaiden had been leaving a plate in the fridge for him every night.

“He can’t stay mad at us forever.”

08-22-18_10-59-37 PM

After dinner was over and Grace was in her room, Raelyn looked over at Zaiden. “I need to tell you something.”

Zaiden looked at her and sighed. “Please don’t tell me you are leaving again.”

She shook her head. “I’m not leaving, but you may want me to after this.”

He didn’t like the sound of that. “What did you do?”

“I have been keeping something from you.”

“Must be something big if you are this worried.”

She nodded hoping she wouldn’t make him too upset. She was starting to have second thoughts about telling. What if he got angry and kicked her out.

She couldn’t tell him, but now had to tell him something.

“”While you were in rehab, I would come over here for time to myself. I know I shouldn’t have, but…I’m sorry.”

“Is that all? I am not upset by you being here. Do you know who was taking care of things in the greenhouse?”

“It was me. It was relaxing and gave me something to do to keep my mind off everything else.

Zaiden understood that. “It did the same for me after I got home.” He kissed her softly. “You are welcome in my green house any time.”

Raelyn leaned against him. She felt bad about still not telling him. She knew she would have to eventually.

08-22-18_10-41-02 PM

Owen saw his parents on the sofa when he came up the stairs. He ignored them and went straight for the kitchen.

“Do you want me to reheat dinner for you, honey? Your dad made spaghetti tonight.”

“No.” He grabbed a plate and took it back to his room. He sighed when he heard the knock on the door. “What?”

08-22-18_10-43-33 PM

“We need to talk about all of this.”

“There’s nothing to talk about.”

“Yes there is. You can’t stay mad at us forever, Owen.”

“I’m not mad at Dad.” He looked at his mother. “I am mad at you.”

“Honey, we’re only doing what is best for you.”

Owen glared at his mother. “How is this what is best? First you kept Dad away from us. Now you send Patrick away. You don’t want me to be happy.”

Raelyn shook her head. “That is not true. I do want you to be happy. It just can’t be with Patrick.”

08-22-18_10-43-59 PM

“Why not? And don’t give me that crap about Dad still considering him a son.”

“I… you just have to trust me, Owen. You cannot be with Patrick.”

Owen shook his head. “I’m sorry. That excuse isn’t good enough.”

Raelyn looked at her son. “I wish you could understand.”

“Then make me understand. Tell me why you are so against Patrick.”

She wished she could, but then Zaiden would find out. She wished she would have told him years ago when that damn paternity test had been done. Now it was too late. He would hate her if he found out now.

“I can’t. I’m sorry.”

“Then I can’t believe you when you say you are doing what’s best.”

Raelyn sighed and headed for the door. “Don’t stay up too late. You have school in the morning.”

2:96 Do It To The Music

Raelyn had been doing laundry all morning. Normally Zaiden helped but he had a meeting with a lawyer about is parents’ estate.

She walked into Owen’s bedroom to put his and Patrick’s clothes away. She stopped at the room divider then turned her back to the bed.

08-20-18_8-11-23 PM

“Both of you get dressed and go upstairs. We all need to have a long talk when your father gets home.”

Zaiden was just coming through the door when Raelyn got upstairs.

08-20-18_11-37-15 PM

“We need to talk.” She quickly filled him in on what had been happening with the boys.

Zaiden looked at the boys when they came upstairs. “Sit.”

Watching them both hurry to the sofa tripping over each other was almost funny enough to make Zaiden laugh.

08-20-18_11-47-10 PM

“You can start by telling us why you two are not at school.”

“Today was only a half day. It was on the calendar.”

“How long has this been going on between the you two?”

08-20-18_11-49-06 PM

“Since my birthday.”

Zaiden looked over at Raelyn. Birthday parties seemed to be a damn curse or something. First Emma gets knocked up at her party and now these two.

“First, let’s make it clear that your sexuality does not matter to us. Gay, straight, bi, any of those others, it is fine. We will love you no matter what.”

“You two can’t be together.”

Zaiden looked over at Raelyn a bit surprise. He agreed with her but was still surprised she said it.

08-20-18_11-49-30 PM

“Patrick, I have considered you my son since before you were born. I just can’t approve of the two of you being together. I’m sorry.”

“I think him living here may be a bad idea.”

All three heads turned to look at her. She had to think of a good reason fast.

“The two of them both living here would be fanning the fire. They would have easy access to each other. It would be only a matter of time before they were together again. If we separate them, it eliminates the temptation.”

Zaiden thought about it then nodded.

“I think this is the best for both of you.”

“I will call my mom and see if he can stay with them.”