2:78 Is It Scary/Threatened

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Izaiah and Colleen sat with Raelyn beside Zaiden’s bed. He had made it through surgery and they were waiting for him to wake up. The doctors said it was normal for him to still be asleep. His body had been through a lot. The sleep helped with recovery.

Izaiah was pissed. This never would have happened if Tony hadn’t put him there. This was Tony’s fault. He planned to go have a chat with his vest friend about this.

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Tony was about to walk into the hospital when Izaiah came out.

“You were supposed to protect him, not almost get him killed.”

“Set down and let’s talk about this.”

“I don’t want to set down, and I don’t want to talk. I want you to stop sending my son to do your dirty work. He’s done, Tony. No more.”

As much as he hated being told what to do, he understood why Izaiah was upset. “Please set down, Izaiah.”

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He was glad his friend listened this time. He was starting to calm down.

“First, your son is a grown man. He makes his own choices, Izaiah. He came to me looking for work not long after you had skipped town.”

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Tony put his hand up. “I know you had no choice, but you left behind a 16 year old boy to take care of his younger sisters. After your daughter’s surgery, Zaiden was overwhelmed. I paid the hospital bill and not once asked him for anything in return. He is the one who kept coming to me for help.”

Tony looked at his friend. “I have never given Zaiden a job where I thought he would be in any danger. Hell, I sent him to the middle of a cornfield to babysit my son when I knew something was going down. What happened last night…I honestly didn’t know. They were sent there to pick up a dollhouse for Grace.”

“You are telling me that my son was shot over a doll house? If that is true, why were the others there?”

“Have you ever seen Zaiden, Raelyn, or Owen go anywhere without their guards? Daniel has guards also. It comes with being part of the family. You and your children all have guards also.”

07-30-18_2-28-56 PM

“We do?” Izaiah shook his head. “Why have we never seen them?”

“They are supposed to blend in with everybody else. They are there when they are needed.”

“Why didn’t Zaiden’s guards do their job last night?”

“They did. They were there to get a doll house. When trouble started, they were right there. The two men who ambushed our sons are dead. Zaiden shot one of them. Five of my six men were killed.

Izaiah was no longer angry. He was more worried than anything. “Please don’t send him out anymore. I don’t want him brought back in a body bag.”

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