2:77 En Mi Barrio

07-27-18_11-21-29 AM

Zaiden stood beside Daniel outside the house. Something didn’t feel right.

“Are you sure this is the right place? The house is dark. I don’t think anybody is here.”

“This is the address Dad gave me. He said the stuff we are picking up would be on the back porch.”

07-27-18_11-24-01 AM

The two walked around the house to the back.

“There is nothing here, Daniel.”

“Let me call, Dad.”

Daniel was on the phone with Tony when Zaiden saw the movement at the window. He saw the gun pointed at Daniel and pushed him to the ground as the shot rang out.

07-29-18_7-42-15 PM

Tony had been talking to his son when he heard the shots. “Daniel!”

He heard a lot of yelling and more shots. Daniel wasn’t saying anything though.

“Jessie, bring me your phone. Hurry!”

Tony the line open on Daniel’s call so he could hear what was going on. He called one of the men who had gone with them to find out what was going on.

“Ambush. Several dead on both sides. We are collecting ours and getting out.”

“Daniel? Is he alright?”

“Your son is alright, Boss.”

Tony was relieved to hear that, but there was someone else who mean just as much to him.

“Is Zaiden okay?”

07-29-18_7-42-38 PM

He heard the dead silence from his man and knew.

“He took the bullet meant for your son. He pushed Daniel to the ground and was hit.”

Tony looked around for something to punch. “Dammit! You know what you need to do with him.”

Tony hung up the phone and handed it back to Jessie.

07-29-18_7-37-07 PM

Jessie looked at her husband with tears in her eyes. “I’ll go be with Raelyn and the kids.”

Tony nodded and sighed. “Tell her I will be there soon. I need to talk to Daniel first.”


Tony had forgotten about Daniel’s call still being open until he heard his son’s voice. “Daniel!”

“Zaiden is asking for Raelyn.”

“Zaiden? He’s not…”

“No, but it doesn’t look good for him, Dad. Can you have Raelyn meet us?”

Tony looked over at Jessie. “Your mother and I are heading to her house now. I will bring her myself.”

4 thoughts on “2:77 En Mi Barrio

  1. Raelyn, Colleen, and Izaiah all are going to go off on Tony. Zaiden could have said no. I wonder if this has to do with Zaiden wanting to find out who the corpses buried instead of his parents.
    Zaiden is a fighter. He will be fine. I not sure Tony will be after Raelyn gets her hands on him.😂

    Liked by 1 person

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