2:74 Workin’ Day And Night

07-24-18_1-59-22 PM

Izaiah was helping Zaiden with the remodel. They had decided that instead of changing the outside appearance of the house by adding onto it, they would add a basement.

They were going to move Owen’s room tot he basement and use his old room for the new baby. They were also adding a laundry room. That made Raelyn happy. She would no longer have to go to the laundromat.

Izaiah stepped back and looked at the wall he just finished painting. “Are you sure about this color?”

07-24-18_2-01-47 PM

Zaiden nodded. “It is what Owen picked out. Not a color I would pick for myself, but it’s what he wanted.”

“If it’s what he wants, who are we to judge?”

Zaiden agreed with his father. “It’s not going to stay this color forever. When he moves out, I am repainting it.”

“Don’t grow him up too fast. Enjoy him being a kid. The years go too fast as it is.”

07-24-18_2-01-54 PM

Zaiden looked over at his father. He knew that he had been born when his father was 20 years old. That made him 44 now. Still pretty young.

“Have you and Mom considered having another baby?”

“We had talked about it in South America. We decided that we are happy with the family we have.”

Zaiden was happy with that answer. “If you two change your mind, I would be okay with it.”

5 thoughts on “2:74 Workin’ Day And Night

  1. It would be nice if Zaiden’s parents decided to have another child.
    Owen moving in the basement. What color dies he want his room? It looks black.

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    1. Izaiah has six kids if you count the twin girls who died at birth. Colleen only has Zaiden. Zander and Alana live with Izaiah and Colleen at the moment and are keeping Colleen satisfied on the parenting front. If they do decide to have another baby, they better decide fast. They are both 44 right now. Time is running out.

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